2017 Press Releases

May 16, 2017

Striim Announces Enterprise-Grade Data Management Solution

Striim introduced Striim for IoT, a comprehensive streaming data management solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). Striim for IoT supports companies address the most difficult data challenges of IoT infrastructure. Through enterprise-grade, real-time data integration combined with streaming analytics and visualization, Striim allows IoT-driven companies to make fast, informed decisions based on context-rich, real-time insights.

Managing the Tsunami of IoT Data through Real-Time Edge Processing

The Striim platform enables immediate in-flight filtering, transformation and aggregation of IoT data at the edge. This allows businesses to store only the IoT data they need, and to extend the value of existing storage investments.

Integrating IoT Data and Analytics with the Enterprise

According to Steve Wilkes, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Striim “Even though many companies are using edge analytics for their IoT data, they are really limiting themselves by evaluating and acting on siloed data. There are many other sources of data to be considered, such as transactional data, log files, message queues and events, that, when correlated with IoT data, can provide a well-rounded view for decision makers within a company.”

Business operations that leverage IoT devices are not driven solely by IoT data. As such, Striim enables companies to integrate massive volumes of sensor and device data in real time with a wide variety of streaming data sources across the enterprise, and perform streaming data processing and analytics wherever it makes most sense for the business – at the edge, on-premise, or in the cloud. This all occurs while data is in-flight, before the information loses operational value, becoming less relevant and actionable. The resulting timely and context-rich insights enable management to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to achieve key objectives such as improving operational efficiency, driving intelligent innovation, and counteracting IoT-related security threats.