2017 Press Releases

November 24, 2017

Stratoscale Announces Its Stratoscale Chorus to Run Cloud-Native Applications On-Premises

Stratoscale announced the launch of Stratoscale Chorus, a suite of AWS-compatible cloud services for running and scaling cloud-native applications on-premises. For the first time, Chorus enables application development teams to build cloud-native applications anywhere, in the same manner, both on-prem and in the cloud.

“Until now teams had two choices to support cloud-native applications by using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, or develop their own cloud services and infrastructure on-prem. Chorus presents a third and very compelling option,” explained Ariel Maislos, founder and CEO of Stratoscale. “Cloud-Native applications are no longer limited to the public cloud, and teams can enjoy a single DevOps flow spanning AWS and their home environment.”

Chorus’ AWS-consistent hybrid approach, based on AWS-compatible services and APIs, enables enterprises to consolidate their cloud strategies. Developers can move workloads from AWS to on-premises environments and burst between environments without any need for adjustments.

“Over the past couple years, cloud-native applications have not only become a priority for enterprises but a mainstream strategy for many. I believe Stratoscale Chorus is the right approach for expanding this strategy on-premises in a meaningful way for the first time,” commented David Linthicum, Independent Cloud Analyst. “Having compatibility with AWS and an extensive suite of services enables enterprise IT to better support developers in their native ecosystem of choice, leading ultimately to quicker delivery of new business applications.”

Stratoscale Chorus builds on the foundation services provided by Stratoscale Symphony with AWS EC2 compatible services that include AWS EBS compatible storage and AWS VPC compatible virtual networking.
Stratoscale Chorus is now available and includes support for the following services:

  • Databases - Chorus Managed Databases provides an AWS RDS compatible instant creation of fully managed single instance and clustered databases. Chorus Managed Databases initially supports the following SQL and NoSQL engines:

  • File Servers - Chorus File Service provides simple provisioning of file servers to share data in a structured manner. Chorus File Service is compatible with AWS EFS APIs.

  • Object Storage - Chorus Object Storage is an AWS S3 compatible service providing applications with persistent scalable object storage in a single click.

  • Load Balancers - Chorus Managed Load Balancer enables scale-out applications by providing AWS ELB compatible APIs.

  • Kubernetes - Chorus Managed Kubernetes allows quick deployment of multiple private or shared k8s clusters for developers. Chorus Managed Kubernetes initially supports Kubernetes 1.8.1.

  1. Apache Cassandra 3.0, 3.11

  2. PostgreSQL 9.6

  3. MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

  • Map Reduce - Chorus Map Reduce is a managed analytics framework compatible with AWS EMR. Chorus Map Reduce includes support for Apache Hadoop, Spark and HBase.

  • Stratoscale Chorus is delivered as a software solution on top of an existing IaaS layer, to simplify operational aspects of service management:

  • Provision - Service creation and configuration are fully orchestrated by Chorus.

  • Protect - Service availability and uptime are managed automatically by Chorus, including support for data protection of stateful services.

  • Monitor - Usage tracking, health monitoring, and event logging for all services are included in Chorus

  • Upgrade - Upgrading and version-tracking of each service is simplified by Chorus

  • Scale - Scaling services up or out with additional instances is seamless with Chorus

  • Manage - Functionality is provided through self-service portals and APIs compatible with the corresponding AWS APIs

With these capabilities, teams can enjoy DevOps friendly cloud services in their home environment with the ease of use they expect from a public cloud. Furthermore, Stratoscale Chorus enables developers and operations teams to extend DevOps processes and workflows to on-premises environments by leveraging popular scripting and automation tools in a consistent way across various environments. Advanced automation, coupled with the flexibility of natively moving workloads between environments, allows developers to shorten time-to-market and take full advantage of multiple environments according to specific workload requirements and attributes. Stratoscale Chorus is managed using EC2-CLI, Terraform, Ansible and third-party tools designed for AWS. Scripting is supported using the standard AWS SDKs.