2017 Press Releases

November 29, 2017

SONM and Storj Labs Working on Building First Full-Stack Cloud Computing Platform Powered By Blockchain

SONM and Storj Labs have formed an agreement to integrate their platforms to interact and share files directly. This offering is set to be the first integration to combine decentralised cloud storage with decentralised computing to deliver the major data centre infrastructure components using blockchain technology.

Together, the two companies will offer a new type of decentralised, peer-to-peer cloud computing service to the community. SONM and Storj are currently addressing the growing demand for decentralised applications by providing the underlying infrastructure that powers these innovative platforms.

SONM is servicing the cloud services niche as a decentralised provider of computational power. As detailed in its updated roadmap, cloud infrastructure requires object storage. The Storj Labs decentralised storage platform exceeds all requirements needed to fill this gap in the SONM architecture.

"Our team sees massive opportunity in creating a complete, decentralised cloud computing platform that can act as the foundation to the growing demand for decentralised applications," said John Quinn, Storj Labs cofounder and chief strategy officer. "By teaming up with SONM, we can provide users with a secure and completely decentralised environment. The joint solution is private by design, adding an additional layer of security for users, while lowering costs compared to existing centralised services."

SONM (Supercomputer Organised by Network Mining) is a decentralised worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing that ranges from site hosting to scientific calculations. The SONM platform also includes an internal peer to peer marketplace for the buying and selling of computing power.

The defining feature of SONM's platform is its decentralised and open-source structure. Compared to cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, SONM enables its customers to interact directly with each other in a peer-to-peer structure, creating a fair market of computing powers. Teaming up with Storj enables the uploading and downloading of computing tasks and persistent storage of data assets over time, making them accessible both for buyers and miners. The joint solution delivers security by default, leveraging encryption and file sharding to store data long-term.

"The SONM development team has tested the Storj environment to prove it meets the system requirements and has built the prototype for integration," said Igor Lebdev, SONM chief technology officer. "This integration will allow SONM consumers to mount data volumes and collect data from containers using Storj. In addition, Storj enables peer-to-peer interaction, and provides a stable, easy-to-use solution for the SONM platform."

Storj Labs is a peer-to-peer, distributed cloud storage provider which incorporates security at a foundational level to create a platform that is private by design. The Storj platform encrypts, shreds, and distributes data pieces across its global network and provides only the customer with an encrypted access key. This process, along with a large decentralised network, prevents security breaches. In the event a Farmer hosting data goes offline, files can be rebuilt from their remaining pieces using a proprietary algorithm.