2017 Press Releases

August 07, 2017

SMART Modular Presents the 50TB Osmium Drive™, a 3.5 Inch MLC-Based SAS Solid State Drive

Being a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc., and specialized in specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including memory modules, Flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, SMART Modular Technologies today introduced the Osmium Drive™. The Osmium Drive is an ultra-high-capacity Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) solid state drive in a 3.5 inch form-factor. This MLC-based solid state drive can be immediately integrated into current systems for cloud storage, big data, digital imaging, artificial intelligence computing and other data-intensive data center applications. The Osmium Drive also combines ultra-high-capacity and power efficiency unmatched by conventional hard disk drives (HDDs), and is available in capacities of 25TB and 50TB.

With up to 50TB of Flash in a single 3.5 inch SAS drive enclosure, the Osmium Drive offers over three times the capacity of most competing SSDs on the market while consuming as little as one-eighth the power per terabyte compared to nearline HDDs. The faster IO for the Osmium Drive also means utilization rates can be improved to ninety percent or greater, versus the typical sixty percent with HDDs; an increase of approximately fifty percent. With greater than 1.5 million hour MTBF and unlimited writes over a 5-year lifetime, the Osmium Drive also offers greater reliability and endurance than typical nearline HDDs. And, the Osmium Drive requires sixty-five percent fewer BTUs of cooling per TB than HDDs resulting in reduced HVAC costs.
“We’re excited to offer an ultra-high-capacity SAS drive to the market,” states Mike McClimans, Sr. Director, Flash Product Line. “With the Osmium Drive, IT managers overseeing data centers have an option to migrate to a Flash drive that not only consumes less space per terabyte versus HDDs, but provides increased reliability and bandwidth, and extends the capacity limits of their current infrastructure.”