2018 Press Releases

April 25, 2018

Scality Integrates Wasabi Cloud into Open Source Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller

Scality and Wasabi announce the integration of Wasabi hot cloud storage into Scality's Zenko multi-cloud data controller, along with a new marketing and technology partnership. As the newest back-end cloud storage service supported in Zenko, Wasabi extends the use cases for Zenko to applications that require fast and ultra low-cost cloud storage services, including nearline archival storage for post-production workflows in media and entertainment.

Wasabi chose to work with Scality for its data management and mobility capabilities across private clouds and other public cloud storage services with the Wasabi cloud. Zenko can simplify data replication from on-premises object and file storage repositories such as the Scality RING, and from the three major public cloud services to the Wasabi cloud, enabling protection of on-premises data to the Wasabi cloud for archival or disaster recovery (D/R) purposes. Zenko stores data in the Wasabi cloud through its native S3-compatible API, so that the data stored can be accessed from any S3 application, such as third-party ISV Media Managers, Backup and archival applications.

"We are focused on building a rich community of ISV developers around Zenko, to enable a wide spectrum of multi-cloud based solutions," said Giorgio Regni, Scality's CTO. "For customers who require high-performance cloud storage at very low cost, Wasabi provides an incredible solution for protecting on-premises data to the cloud, or even as a disaster recovery (D/R) backup from another public cloud."

Wasabi hot cloud storage has also been integrated into the Zenko Orbit cloud portal, making it easy for users to leverage the unique benefits of Wasabi and other private and public clouds. It enables users to launch a personal sandbox instance of Zenko hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and to configure it with back-end storage in the Wasabi cloud and other supported clouds. Zenko Orbit also enables easy replication from local storage to Wasabi cloud storage, as well as replication from other public clouds to Wasabi.

"As customers discover the hidden costs of the major public clouds, our value proposition of high-performance and low cost has resulted in rapid adoption of Wasabi hot cloud storage," said Jim Donovan, Vice President of Product at Wasabi. "We offer a major breakthrough in cloud storage costs that's 80 percent cheaper than Amazon S3 and provides unlimited free data egress. Now, for the first time ever, cloud storage costs have become predictable."