2018 Press Releases

March 14, 2018

Pivot3 Announces Availability of Space-Efficient Hyperconverged Solution for ROBO, Edge Computing, and Agile Enterprise Environments

Pivot3 announced the availability of its new Acuity X3 Series HCI solutions, which bring enterprise-grade features to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), remote and branch offices (ROBO), edge, and enterprise use cases that require a smaller footprint. The solution allows organizations to confidently consolidate multiple, mixed-application workloads onto a single infrastructure to help lower cost and reduce datacenter footprint.

The solution is ideal for enterprises and SMBs that require a space-efficient solution with high performance and a comprehensive suite of data services, including highly efficient erasure coding, data protection, data reduction, and integration with VMware vSphere and vCenter, for database applications, virtual desktops, edge processing and mixed workload use cases. Pivot3’s new Acuity X3 Series brings breakthrough performance and sophisticated policy-based management in a 1U appliance, allowing organizations to experience guaranteed performance of critical applications within a broad range of use cases while equipping a small IT staff team to manage entire multi-site distributed environments from a single pane of glass.

The Acuity X3 Series provides the same features found in Pivot3’s Acuity X5 Series, which is based on NVMe flash architecture and delivers six times the performance of conventional HCI solutions and runs two-to-three times more virtual machines per HCI node. It also includes Pivot3’s advanced policy-based Quality of Service that automates performance and data protection operations and eliminates resource contention. With this combination of features, organizations are able to support critical applications, reduce OPEX and CAPEX, reduce complexity and manage multiple, mixed-application workloads in a single infrastructure.

“Pivot3’s policy-based approach to HCI has ushered in a new era of innovation for organizations seeking the highest performance in the datacenter,” said David Anderson, managing director of Anderson IT Management. “The Acuity X3 Series addresses a critical need in the market by reducing complexity and footprint without compromising performance – a solution that is ideal for a wide range of enterprise, SMB, edge and ROBO use cases.”

“We frequently see customers with IT environments that beg for a reduced footprint solution, but who simply can’t compromise on performance and data services,” said Ben Bolles, vice president of product management for Pivot3. “With the Acuity X3 series, we’ve reached a critical stage in HCI innovation in which all organizations can experience breakthrough performance and sophisticated intelligence – no matter the size or use case.”

Based on the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, the Pivot3 Acuity X3 Series is available in a range of modular hyperconverged appliances with compute, storage and networking options designed to meet a variety of needs. Entry-level X3 Fast Packs are also available in promotionally-priced bundles that make it even more cost effective to get started with HCI.