2018 Press Releases

March 02, 2018

Nutanix Announces Intent to Acquire Minjar

Further to Nutanix’s announcement that they are acquiring Cloud management company Minjar we wanted to probe a little deeper to understand the strategy and aims behind the acquisition a little better. We fired over a few questions, in truth the replies were a bit thin on substance but we did pry a tiny bit more info.
On the question of whether this acquisition is an execution of a multi-cloud strategy by Nutanix, we got a definitive “yes”. We also got some standard blurb on Nutanix their HCI technology (which we already know is great: Ed) and then just a little bit more detail, explaining that this acquisition will deliver automated financial governance and compliance management for multi-cloud environments. Something that is definitely challenging and would clearly assist in enabling companies to safely and efficiently execute multi-cloud approaches.
We questioned whether Nutanix would ever considering selling this software without it being attached to their hardware, and got our knuckles rapped! Nutanix pointed out that they already sell their Enterprise Cloud OS separately from hardware. We can deduce from this fact that yes, this software will still be available as software and not fixed in as part of a hardware sale.
Unfortunately, when we asked the really important question about feature details and information about how this technology will be integrated into the wider Nutanix solution set, the answer we got was that more information will be provided in the coming months. Fair enough, most technology acquisitions can only get granular once the R&D teams become one. We will keep our eye on future announcements, but the intent is clear, Nutanix wants to embrace all cloud, not just those built on their own HCI platform.
Full press release follows:

Nutanix, Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Minjar, Inc., the maker of Botmetric, a service that provides customers with unified cost control and enhanced visibility into their workloads running in public clouds. Botmetric, along with Minjar’s other cloud solutions SmartAssist Assurance and SmartAssist Managed Cloud, help enterprises embrace the cloud effectively and optimize their multi-cloud environments for performance and cost. The closing of the acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

Data from 451 Research shows that the future of IT is multi-cloud and hybrid, with 69 percent of respondents planning to have some type of multi-cloud environment by 2019. Yet the growth in multi- and hybrid cloud will make optimizing and analyzing cloud expenditure increasingly difficult1. As companies continue to leverage multiple cloud platforms within their broader infrastructure deployments, managing these deployments to avoid waste is critical, and spend management and cost containment are top priorities. Unused public cloud instances or workloads running in the public cloud that are better suited for the private cloud could cause large, unnecessary costs for organizations spending millions of dollars on the cloud. This could be better spent on business-driving activities. Through the Minjar acquisition, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS will offer customers new capabilities to better manage their multi-cloud deployments.
Once the acquisition closes, Nutanix also plans to use Minjar’s technology to bolster its Nutanix Calm automation and lifecycle management product, as well as Xi Cloud Services, a native extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software. Nutanix Calm will take advantage of Botmetric’s cloud management platform, helping customers reduce costs, save time and bring reliability to multi-cloud management. Integrated with Nutanix Calm, Botmetric can increase visibility into the cost of cloud deployments across multiple platforms, allowing enterprises to optimize which workloads run in which cloud. It will also offer a real-time scan for cloud compliance designed to find risks and security violations so companies can identify and resolve potential cloud security threats before they turn into business challenges. Minjar’s public cloud expertise will also help accelerate and strengthen Nutanix Xi Cloud Services by streamlining and enhancing the customer experience.
“As companies increasingly rely on the public cloud as part of their critical infrastructure, it’s imperative that they have full visibility into the cost, reliability and security of that infrastructure so that they can effectively manage and automate which workloads run where to maximize performance and ROI,” said Vijay Rayapati, Co-Founder and CEO of Minjar. “We’re so pleased to be joining the Nutanix family to add our technology to the leading edge Nutanix software stack so customers have a simple and elegant experience for managing their multi-cloud environments.”
“Minjar is a pioneer that provides tangible benefits to enterprise customers on their multi-cloud journey,” said Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer, Nutanix. “As one of the earliest partners to the leading public clouds, the experience and insights garnered from multiple cloud-native deployments have enabled Minjar to build a robust offering in Botmetric. Minjar’s customer focus and philosophy of one-click simplicity is extremely well aligned with our own, and we are honored to soon welcome them to the Nutanix team. We are looking forward to offering our customers the full breadth of Minjar’s multi-cloud capabilities while deeply integrating them into our Enterprise Cloud OS.”