2018 Press Releases

April 09, 2018

NTT Communications and Dimension Data Strengthen Their Hybrid IT Solution Globally

Comment from DSA Editor: We reached out the Group Technology Officer of Dimension Data, Ettienne Reinecke, to comment on this collaboration and whether it is effective in ASEAN countries. He graciously got back to us and clarified that the transition of NTT Communications’ and Dimension Data’s combined cloud IaaS capabilities is implemented at a global level, and will benefit clients across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and Middle East & Africa.

As for whether this is an indication of a bigger collaboration between NTT and Dimension Data or part of Dimension Data getting more integrated into NTT as a whole, he said, “There is no plan for a reorganisation of the NTT Group at this moment. We continue to work with all operating companies within the Group to leverage opportunities that will increase our scale and innovation to benefit our global clients and partners. We believe we can achieve significant additional value by combining the services and skills across NTT operating units and deliver more value to clients – this is driven by value more than structure.”

He then elaborated further, “Dimension Data has been one of the biggest sales channels of NTT’s managed cloud platform. However, as the global cloud market continues to evolve at speed, we have the unique opportunity to capitalise on synergies within the NTT Group to ensure our global clients and partners benefit from our combined cloud capability. Under the management of NTT Communications, a single ‘cloud powerhouse’ will deliver end-to-end, cloud-based solutions. Over-the-top managed cloud services and the other services, such as managed services and migration services, will continue to be provided by Dimension Data utilising the combined cloud IaaS capability of NTT Com and Dimension Data. The Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform, in all its forms of public, private, hosted private or any hybrid – on a consistent architecture and software stack -  that was developed by Dimension Data - will continue to exist and be extended. Bringing this together with the NTT Comms Openstack Cloud platform – and other assets and services – truly allows the NTT Group to create that cloud power house.”

The full press release follows:

NTT Communications (NTT Com) and Dimension Data have completed transferring cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capability from Dimension Data to NTT Com under the "NTT cloud" brand to deliver transformative, cloud-based solutions and innovation for clients of their sales channels. Unifying both companies’ cloud offerings will enable faster platform innovation, expanded connectivity options, as well as access to private cloud and "cloud native" services for clients.

1. Background

As clients’ ICT environments have become more complex, a comprehensive IT solution that meets clients’ expanded Hybrid IT needs is required.

To address this changing business dynamic, NTT Com and Dimension Data have combined their cloud IaaS capabilities under the management of NTT Com to offer a wider range of hybrid IT solutions for clients.

2. Expected value after combining cloud capabilities

(1) Enhanced cloud service portfolio to support clients’ business

  • Cloud services are available in 15 countries/regions and 35 datacenters.

  • In addition to a highly secure and reliable cloud platform that has been provided to NTT Com’s clients, NTT Com will expand its service portfolio by combining with Dimension Data’s private cloud and dedicated SAP platforms.

  • Enabling greater flexibility when choosing a hybrid environment to combine a private environment (private cloud and on-premises system including colocation) with third party public clouds.

  • Dimension Data clients will have access to NTT Com's world-leading SD-WAN, global data centers and DDoS protection service to realize seamless connectivity with cloud services and a higher level of security.

(2) End-to-end hybrid IT management of all IT systems

Clients have access to a cloud management platform that provides a ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard to manage the NTT Com cloud platforms as well as third party clouds, on-premises private clouds, colocation environment and network services.

(3) Enhanced ability to provide cloud services

The combined capabilities of NTT Com, Dimension Data and their technology partners will enhance the speed of service development with the latest technology, improve the quality of operations, and optimize procurement and deployment to accelerate clients’ business innovation.

3. Future Plan

NTT Com and Dimension Data will continue to drive innovation in hybrid IT solutions for their clients by strengthening development and management of cloud services.