2018 Press Releases

October 05, 2018

Local Governments to Modernize Community Development with Oracle Cloud

Oracle has launched Oracle Public Sector Community Development, enabling local governments to improve quality-of-life for their constituents with faster, more efficient land management. A modern cloud-native application for state and local government agencies, the offering transforms cumbersome permitting and licensing into an end-to-end solution for reliable execution of building regulatory processes that can foster economic growth, while helping deliver public safety and accountability.
The new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application leverages Oracle's scalable and secure cloud computing capabilities, advanced analytics and platform development services. The combination of market-leading, emerging technologies such as chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI), and pre-built, easy-to-configure applications, designed specifically for government agencies, modernizes how local government deliver services and results for their citizens and jurisdictions.
"Today's digitally-savvy citizens and business owners expect to interact with their local government in the same way they do with commercial companies offering multichannel, always available, 24/7 access to goods and services," said Mark Johnson, senior vice president, Oracle Public Sector. "The Oracle Public Sector Community Development solution helps make this possible for state and local governments."
Drive Economic Development While Helping Provide Compliance
Oracle Public Sector Community Development is a fully-configurable, built-for-purpose cloud solution for state and local government that:

  • Modernizes the compliance and regulatory process for land-use and building infrastructure, focusing first on building permits and inspections.
  • Accommodates diverse permit types and associated workflows that are easily configurable and extensible to each agency's unique needs through built-in process automation tools from Oracle Integration Cloud, designed for use by departmental staff — not constrained IT personnel.
  • Allows frictionless interactions between the public and local government with an intuitive, role-based user experience on any device, enhanced with guided interactions and natural voice interactions.
  • Increases strategic insight and enables better decision making through contextually relevant data visualization, leveraging Oracle's business intelligence and analytics.
  • Provides deeper permit understanding and greater processing efficiency through integration with Esri's ArcGIS developer API. Esri is an established provider of location intelligence.
  • Empowers inspectors to ensure public safety and accountability with a mobile application, enforcing code compliance quickly and easily while accelerating occupancy rates.

Lower Costs and Innovate Faster
Oracle Public Sector Community Development is offered as a subscription cloud service. This eliminates the need for capital expenditures, enabling government to innovate faster, and lowers the total cost of ownership since cloud services are rapid to deploy and easy to maintain. "As-a-service" solutions lower the demand on IT staff, scale with the growth of a city or county, and allow government agencies to continuously receive new functionality.
"Governments face technology demands from two directions," wrote Gartner in a recent report1. "The first is from employees, with consumer technology and employee expectations having surpassed enterprise technology and government workplace experiences. The second is from the pace of technology generally, where expectations of citizens and commercial services have outstripped governments' ability to keep pace."
Leveraging its unique scale and extensive investments in research and development, Oracle will continue to rapidly deliver new capabilities to market. Oracle's roadmap includes expanding its Community Development offerings to include planning and zoning and code enforcement functionality and delivering new applications that address additional regulatory challenges at the local and state level, including business and professional licenses.
By employing open standards and building on the common technology foundation of Oracle's robust cloud applications for finance, citizen services, procurement, and human capital management, governments can streamline operations and deploy integrated, extensible, end to end cross-agency processes that facilitate a holistic digital platform effort. 
Today, thousands of public sector customers use Oracle's digital solutions to transform how their constituents engage with government. Across the nation, cities and states have harnessed the power of cloud, IoT and analytics and big data to predict and prepare for a better future for all citizens.