2017 Press Releases

November 15, 2017

INFINIDAT Continues to Strengthen Its Portfolio of High End Storage

INFINIDAT announced the latest release of the company's InfiniBox™ core operating software.

InfiniBox R4 is the fourth major software release for INFINIDAT since launching InfiniBox in October 2013 and introduces four widely-anticipated product features detailed below.

"INFINIDAT's strategy is to reimagine industry-standard features and implement clean sheet designs that raise the bar. This is how we delight our customers and displace the incumbents," said Jacob Broido, Chief Product Officer at INFINIDAT.

Synchronous Replication
One of the features of InfiniBox R4 is that it introduces a novel implementation of Synchronous Replication that delivers the lowest latency in the industry. "For 25 years, enterprise storage customers have tolerated a minimum 2x latency penalty in order to protect their most critical applications. InfiniBox Synchronous Replication improves the industry standard by over 25 percent, with bulletproof, sub-400 µs latency, yet is incredibly easy to setup and requires zero management," said Anat Rappaport, Senior Product Manager at INFINIDAT.

"InfiniBox offers us seven-nines availability and has been running continuously since installation. The addition of Synchronous Replication now enables us to migrate our most strategic, mission-critical systems to INFINIDAT," said Markus Bentele, VP Information Technology from MAHLE International GmbH.

Quality of Service
Besides, InfiniBox R4 is INFINIDAT's neural cache-based quality of service (QoS) capability that eliminates traditional storage tiers.

"Traditional storage QoS implementations destroy application performance because they're all based on the same traffic shaping concepts imported from the networking industry over a decade ago," said Shlomi Halevy, Senior Product Manager at INFINIDAT. "InfiniBox R4 QoS is a clean sheet design that enables service providers to deliver multiple service levels and exceptional application performance without having to purchase and manage multiple tiers of physical storage. This is a game changer for service providers seeking to streamline operational efficiency, simplify capacity planning, and pass on those benefits to their customers."

Jason Carolan, Chief Cloud Officer at Peak 10+ViaWest, agrees: "Service levels in a modern data centre should be software-defined and expressed programmatically as an infrastructure API. InfiniBox R4 enables this control and enables increasingly sophisticated mission-critical management of dynamic storage workloads."

NAS Asynchronous Replication and TreeQs
Furthermore, InfiniBox R4 also introduces Asynchronous Replication and TreeQs for NAS. Asynchronous Replication for NAS shares a common feature set with SAN and delivers the same industry-leading 4-second Recovery Point Objective (RPO), a 10X improvement over the current market leader. The feature effortlessly supports replication of cloud-scale file systems and billions of files per file system with zero latency impact.

"NAS TreeQs enable granular control over file system governance, allowing operators to enforce user quotas at the directory level, thus simplifying migration from legacy NAS storage and enabling per-app and per-project capacity reporting," said Gregory Touretsky, Senior Product Manager at INFINIDAT. "InfiniBox TreeQs scale to millions of quotas with no performance impact at enterprise scale and load."

Software Engineering Innovations
Along with delivering innovative features that raise the bar in the industry, InfiniBox R4 offers an opportunity to innovate on how INFINIDAT builds, tests and delivers code. "Over a hundred customers participated in our Social Product Management (SPM) program during the planning, development and test cycle for InfiniBox R4," said Brian Carmody, Chief Technology Officer at INFINIDAT. "Projects at this scale succeed because they are a community effort."

InfiniBox R4 also represents a new level for INFINIDAT's quality assurance program. InfiniBox delivers industry-leading seven-nines of availability, which is less than three seconds of downtime per year.

"Shipping products that perform at this level across a 2.2 Exabyte installed base requires new ways of thinking about quality assurance in the software engineering process," said Eran Rechter, Vice President Quality Assurance at INFINIDAT. "Our automated QA program executed a record 1.8 Exabytes of I/O during the InfiniBox R4 test cycle prior to the first customer installation."