2018 Press Releases

February 01, 2018

IDC Unveils Groundbreaking Digital Transformation Platform to Accelerate the Digital Native Enterprise Journey

International Data Corporation has unveiled the Digital Transformation (DX) platform which will be the future technology architecture that accelerates DX initiatives for the enterprise. It enables the rapid creation of externally facing digital products, services, and experiences while aggressively modernizing the internal IT environment toward an "intelligent core." The new report series was designed to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation over the next three to five years and emerge as a digital native enterprise. Using this innovative DX platform approach, IDC believes organizations will be well positioned for long term success in their DX journey.

Defining the DX Platform

The key objective of the DX platform is to create a network, or ecosystem, of connected customers, partners, and suppliers that use (and pay for) the information and services available to them. In addition to this external focus, this platform requires an approach that aggressively modernizes legacy (or core IT) environments to redefine processes and capabilities for both internal and external purposes.

In the new platform, everything is connected to everything else. Data comes into an organization through connected assets, employees, connected processes, or as other data streams through APIs. This data circulates through the intelligent core, the heart of the platform, where the algorithms, the code, and the models live to help organizations glean the insights and actions needed to improve internal processes. Data also comes in through ecosystem engagements including bots, mobile devices, AR/VR, connected vehicles, and so forth. This data circulates through the intelligent core, which turns the data into actions to be taken when engaging with the ecosystem.

According to Meredith Whalen, senior vice president at IDC, "What is important to take away is that the data does not distinguish the company. It is what the company does with the data that distinguishes itself. How you build your intelligent core will determine your potential as an organization."

Four Services of the DX Platform

The DX platform provides and uses four different "types" of services including:

  • The intelligent core

  • Integration and orchestration services

  • PaaS and developer services

  • Engagement services

IDC's new series of reports on the DX platform examines each of these services in depth and offers recommended actions to successfully execute and accelerate DX transformation across each service to emerge as a digital-native enterprise.

  1. DX Platform: A Framework for the Intelligent Core – The DX platform is data driven so the intelligent core constitutes the heart of the system.

  2. DX Platform: A Framework for Integration and Orchestration Services – Integration and orchestration services provide capabilities to coordinate between services and to enable data and process flow across the DX platform, in real time and near real time, with appropriate controls that support both steady-state business operations and exploration for DX innovation.

  3. DX Platform: A Framework for PaaS and Developer Services – Platform as a service (PaaS) and developer services provide capabilities that support the development of modem, cloud-native applications that bring the DX platform to life through the embrace of modem application construction, deployment processes. and deployment environments.

  4. DX Platform: A Framework for Engagement and Experience Services – Engagement and experience services are responsible for the design and delivery of digital products and services that are developed for external audiences.

"As the world becomes more dynamic, data driven and digitally enabled, it is imperative that executives embrace and champion DX across their organizations to meet the growing needs of their customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Our DX platform offers a practical and comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges many organizations face today in their DX journey and emerge as a digital native enterprise, poised for long term success," added Whalen.