2017 Press Releases

February 15, 2017

Granite Cloud Launched by Perpetual Storage as a New Data Backup Solution

There’s a new Veeam Cloud Connect partner that securely stores client data in an off-site, guarded vault inside a solid granite mountain. It’s known as Granite Cloud by Perpetual Storage. Perpetual Storage delivers superior client service and offers an all-out security data backup environment.

The Granite Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution offers online and physical infrastructure with end to end encryption, enabling clients to implement data backup to the cloud. Granite Cloud helps lower capital investment and offers a strategic business alternative to help protect liability and uphold reputation.

As a Veeam Cloud Connect partner, Granite Cloud delivers an integrated, secure, cost-effective way to store backups in an off-site data repository. The solution is ideal for clients with stringent data retention and regulatory archive requirements.

Pat Lynch, Co-Owner of Perpetual Storage was positive about the partnership and stated, “We’ve safely protected our client’s critical data for 49 years. Thanks to our partnership with Veeam and its Cloud Connect service, we now offer Granite Cloud in our one-of-a-kind facility so clients can benefit from the convenience of internet access to encrypted critical backup data and the solid protection of our vault.”

Perpetual Storage’s Granite Cloud service is different from other off-site storage offers as the cloud backup lives inside a vault tunnelled out of a solid granite mountain. It’s also different because of the potential to have cloud and physical data sets stored together in the Perpetual Storage vault facility.

Enabling companies to efficiently backup workloads to the cloud is not only helpful for business, because it keeps crucial information off-site and wipes out the need for physical transport, it’s beneficial for the environment. Granite Cloud is unique in that the natural temperature inside the vault facility is a cool 63 degrees Fahrenheit, removing the need for expensive cooling systems. The vault is also equipped with Kathabar humidity and air filtration systems.

The Perpetual Storage location differentiates Granite Cloud as a ‘1+’ tool in the ‘3-2-1’ backup paradigm because it’s free from natural and man-made disasters. The 3-2-1 rule of thumb is to have at least three copies of your data, to store the copies on two different media, and to keep one backup copy off-site. The cloud within the mountain, Granite Cloud, ensures backup data is entirely safe and always accessible.