2017 Press Releases

April 14, 2017

Forsythe Announces Multi-Cloud Private Storage Offering

Forsythe Hosting Solutions unveiled a new multi-cloud private storage solution that allows organisations to tap into the power of the cloud without sacrificing the security or performance of their data.

Forsythe's Multi-Cloud Private Storage offering was established to address the demands of enterprises that are considering or have already begun deploying the public cloud, but have concerns about data privacy, compliance and performance. The offering allows companies to replicate their data to a secondary storage device that lives inside Equinix data centres "next to" rather than "in" the cloud. This enables companies to maintain complete control over their data and satisfy any current or future data privacy compliance requirements. In addition, because the data resides within the same facility as the Equinix Cloud Exchange, with its private access points to multiple cloud providers, clients can take advantage of the flexible compute advantages of cloud without having to sacrifice performance.

This fully managed offering from Forsythe is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that combines:

  • The data security, flexibility and multi-cloud choice of NetApp Private Storage (NPS) technology, hosted in Equinix's data centers around the globe to offer low latency by being "next to" the cloud.

  • Direct, private access to a growing ecosystem of cloud service providers inside Equinix data centers via Equinix Cloud Exchange. This interconnected approach enables companies to boost cloud application performance, reduce latency, and scale and improve network control and visibility -- delivering a quality cloud experience to end users.

  • The speed and automated provisioning of Equinix's Cloud Exchange technology.

  • Forsythe's architecture design and implementation services, procurement services, and managed storage and networking services.

According to Gartner, "The successful delivery of cloud and cloud-related solutions will depend on the comprehensiveness of a service provider's offering."

Cited by Greg Adgate, Vice President of Technology Partners and Alliances at Equinix, "By collaborating with Forsythe, together we can combine Forsythe's breadth of expertise -- from security to infrastructure and hosting -- together with Equinix's global footprint of data centres and advanced interconnection solutions. This enables us to bring to market an innovative multi-cloud offering that provides tremendous convenience to our enterprise customers who want to quickly harness the speed of cloud while keeping their data secure and compliant.”

Anthony Lye, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Business Unit at NetApp said, "Businesses today are challenged to keep their data flowing through the organisation in order to optimise operations, create business opportunities and enable new customer touchpoints. The combination of NetApp and Forsythe's cloud-connected storage solutions and data management expertise gives customers the ability to unleash the full potential of their data across environments, whether on premises or in the cloud."