2017 Press Releases

May 15, 2017

Enterprise Linux Environments was Layer Using OS Data Reduction

Experts at Permabit Technology Corporation, the company behind Permabit Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) said enterprises and cloud service providers that have built their infrastructure around Linux should deploy data reduction in the operating system to drive costs down.
Permabit’s VDO software fills a gap in the Linux feature set by supplying a cost effective, alternative to the data reduction services delivered as part of the two other major OS platforms – Microsoft Windows and VMware. To cut costs as they build out their next generation infrastructure with one or more of these OS platforms in public and/or private cloud deployments, IT architects need to be  driven and one obvious way to do so is with data reduction.
VDO, with inline data deduplication, HIOPS Compression, and fine-grained thin provisioning, is deployed as a device-mapper driver for Linux. This approach ensures compatibility with a full complement of direct-attached/ephemeral, block, file and object interfaces. VDO data reduction is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Canonical Ubuntu Linux LTS distributions.

Advantages of in-OS data reduction technology include:

  • Improved density for public/private /hybrid cloud storage, resulting in lower storage and service costs

  • Vendor independent to function across hardware running the target OS

  • Seamless data mobility between on-premise and cloud resources

  • Up to six times lower IT infrastructure OpEx

  • Transparent to end users accessing data

  • Requires no modifications to existing applications, file systems, virtualization features, or data protection capabilities