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May 01, 2018

Dell Just Stepped Up the Flash Storage Ante in Vegas

Dell Just Stepped Up the Flash Storage Ante in Vegas

Storage took the centre stage at Dell Technologies World today in Las Vegas as Jeff Clarke Dell Technology’s Vice Chairman Products and Operations took to the stage to launch the PowerMax in what is definitely one of the most significant announcements in a week flooded with news from Dell.

Jeff Clarke Launches the PowerMax Raising The Game in the Flash Storage World

Storage, albeit really fast flash storage, is firmly placed in the infrastructure category, it’s hardware in an era when the world wants to talk business outcomes, insights and predictions. But here’s the thing, in order to transform and drive a truly data driven business, companies need storage that is built to leverage flexible cloud based infrastructure, they also need that storage to be able to process enormous amounts of data at an almost unimaginably aggressive velocity. 

Arrays need to perform in order to enable real time analysis and power split second decision making, analysis that used to take weeks or months now has to take minutes of hours.
Jeff Clarke did a great job of explaining just how Storage is still the heart that beats in a modern datacentre, and is the core of transformation. Before unveiling the new PowerMax, Jeff reminded us of how Dell divide transformation into four pillars and then introduced five trends which he and Dell believe are making transformation happen. Immersive and collaborative computing, Multi cloud, Internet of Things, Software Defined Everything and not forgetting AI and machine learning.  These concepts underpin the Dell technology strategy. We also saw the use of the word Power play its part in his talk. Power is clearly needed to cope with the sheer volume of computing and data we create and at the same time we were reminded that businesses are trying to transform “Data is power” and with that, Jeff launched the new PowerMax NVMe Flash Array, and in doing so, Dell EMC have really upped the ante in the storage world.

The PowerMax is Officially Launched

The PowerMax Jeff told us, is the fastest array in the world, twice as fast as the next most powerful, delivering over 10Million IOPs. It is built for end to end NVMe and is also ready for Storage Class Memory. In short, this means the architecture of the PowerMax has been designed to eek every last drop of performance out of the SSD based memory it houses. Alluding to McLaran F1 who has presented about their own collaboration with Dell earlier in the morning, Bob DeCrescenzo (who led the PowerMax engineering and development) explained trying to use premium SSD without well designed NVMe architecture is like trying to put a McLaran engine in a moped. We get the idea!

The fact that PowerMax support for VxBlock system1000 is slated for later this year, makes the announcement all the more telling, it builds on the simplicity, flexibility and scalability of VxBlock but adds a dimension of increased “horse power” that will make this converged offering difficult to match.

Flash is the one of the foundation transformation technologies. It can be seen to directly affect business outcomes and with this announcement, Dell EMC has just taken a massive step forward in defending its position as the number one all flash array vendor in the world.

Full Press Release Follows:

Dell Technologies Powers Up Performance and Efficiency for the Modern Data Centre 
New PowerMax storage array designed with end-to-end NVMe and built-in machine learning engine for emerging modern data centre workloads 
Dell Technologies World, LAS VEGAS – May 1, 2018
News summary

  • Introducing Dell EMC PowerMax, the world’s fastest storage array built for mission-critical applications of today and tomorrow 

  • PowerMax engineered with end-to-end NVMe, ready for Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe over Fabrics 

  • Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 will support end-to-end NVMe with PowerMax for extreme performance without compromise for mission-critical applications 

  • Dell EMC XtremIO adds native replication, new entry point X-Brick system at up to 55% lower cost than previous generation and support for VxBlock 1000 

Full story

Dell Technologies is launching several new breakthrough Dell EMC storage and server products backed by a comprehensive services portfolio. Raising the bar yet again to power up the Modern Data Centre, these new products are designed to address a wide range of traditional and emerging data centre workloads to help customers drive better business outcomes. 
As organizations race to capitalize on the benefits of emerging technologies ahead of their competitors, they are faced with new demands that require IT modernization to achieve higher levels of performance and automation in the data centre.

According to a recent ESG global survey commissioned by Dell EMC and Intel of 4,000 IT decision- makers, 81% agree if they do not embrace IT Transformation, their organizations no longer will be competitive in their markets. 
“The Modern Data Centre is the proving ground for our customers to gain a digital advantage over their competition and achieve better business outcomes,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Products & Operations, Dell. “Dell EMC is delivering the Modern Data Centre innovations that our customers require, with new solutions that are engineered using future-proof technology to take on the data centre challenges of today and to support the next big thing that our customers are imagining for tomorrow.”

From consulting to deployment and support, from managed services to education, Dell EMC Services are available to help drive the rapid adoption and optimization of the Modern Data Centre, making it easy for customers to integrate new technology and make it a productive component of their business.
Dell EMC PowerMax
Dell EMC’s PowerMax, the future of enterprise-class storage, is architected with end-to- end NVMe and a built-in, real-time machine learning engine. Building on the legendary architecture and capabilities of Dell EMC’s flagship storage system, PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array1, delivering up to 10M IOPS2 and 50% better response times3 – 2x faster than the nearest competitor4.
Architected with end-to-end NVMe to support NVMe-over-Fabrics and high-speed, low- latency Storage Class Memory (SCM)5, PowerMax is not only fast, smart and efficient, but also engineered to handle the world’s most demanding application workloads.

In addition, the PowerMax OS includes a built-in machine learning engine, which makes autonomous storage a reality, leveraging predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximize performance with no management overhead. Built-in machine learning is the only cost-effective way to leverage SCM. Dell EMC is also the only company that can provide this level of storage software intelligence – currently analysing 425 billion data sets in real time6 across its high-end All-Flash customer base.

PowerMax also includes inline deduplication and enhanced compression providing up to 5:1 data reduction7, while delivering industry-leading security, protection and resiliency. It achieves greater than “six nines” availability8 to help ensure zero downtime of business-critical applications.

Storage solutions are increasingly being consumed within converged infrastructure, namely the Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000. As the industry’s leading provider of converged infrastructure systems9, Dell EMC offers expanded options for VxBlock 1000 customers who can benefit from fast, smart and efficient storage with new support for PowerMax with end-to-end NVMe and XtremIO X2 All-Flash arrays. This means that the VxBlock system breaks the physical boundaries of traditional CI and offers enterprises even greater simplicity and flexibility to help accelerate their IT and digital transformation efforts.
To speed implementation of PowerMax or VxBlock in their environment, customers can take advantage of Dell EMC ProDeploy Plus services for up to 66% faster deployment10 and up to 49% fewer technical support calls.11 Customers can also choose ProSupport Plus for consistent best-in-class support delivered across their environment and up to 75% faster service request response time.12
Dell EMC XtremIO Replication and new entry price point
XtremIO X2 All-Flash arrays gain major updates with the new XIOS 6.1 operating system, including delivering the industry’s most efficient replication across a wide area network (WAN)13. X2 metadata-aware native replication is highly efficient and provides an added level of data protection for application workloads. XtremIO replication sends only unique data to the remote site to minimize bandwidth requirements by 75% or more14, enabling potential network cost savings. XtremIO replication requires up to 38% less storage space15 at disaster recovery sites and operates with predictable performance to achieve recovery point objectives of 30 seconds16.

Dell Technologies also introduced a new Dell EMC X2 entry model for customers, at up to 55% lower cost than the previous generation17. Designed with XtremIO’s unique metadata-centric architecture with full data services including inline data reduction (in- memory space-efficient copies, deduplication and compression), XtremIO can also achieve over “five nines” availability,18 offering customers enterprise-grade capabilities that start at midrange prices.

Dell EMC’s Modern Data Centre solutions PowerMax and XtremIO X2 with native replication, as well as VxBlock System 1000 with XtremIO X2, are available now. VxBlock System 1000 with PowerMax support will launch this summer.