2017 Press Releases

May 19, 2017

DataLocker Hard Disks DL3 and DL3FE can be Managed via SafeConsole

DataLocker stated that the hard disks DL3 and DL3FE be managed via the device management solution Safe Console. This makes it much simpler for administrators and IT executives, especially in larger enterprise, to deliver additional vision. It is always clear how many devices are in use and which employees have been assigned to them.

According to Konstantin Fröse, EMEA Account Executive, Data Locker." The EU's basic data protection regulation provides for companies and organizations to take technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss of protected data in the hands of unauthorized third parties. SafeConsole's centralized administration is a good place to do this, because the available SafeConsole audit reports can be used to document the blocking of a lost USB memory or even the deletion of the data on it."

Hard disk DL3 / DL3FE enable the security guidelines to be used for determining whether and for how long a device can be used without logging on to the server and what measures should be taken. Certain data types can be allowed or blocked (whitelisting / blacklisting). To make simpler for updates, updates to mobile applications or other content can be conveniently rolled out to all or selected devices using the SafeConsole Publisher feature.The security level can be further increased by setting the respective USB memory to be used within a specific IP address range, in example in a specially defined, secure zone, depending on the application scenario.

The features centralized management of the DataLocker hard disks via SafeConsole also plays a role when one of the storage devices is lost or stolen .It using the USB management, the device can be remotely reset to the delivery state via Remote Factory Reset, which deletes the stored data and the AES key and thus prevents the abuse of sensitive data. This is also interesting considering the implementation of security and compliance guidelines, such as the German Data Protection Principles (DSGVO), which will come into force in the spring of 2018.

The DataLocker hard drives are available in various versions and capacities with both classic HDD and SSD. The external USB 3.0 storage devices have an integrated touch screen for PIN input. Depending on the type, the encryption modes AES / XTS 256 bit or AES / CBC 256 bit are used for the hardware encryption.