2018 Press Releases

September 07, 2018

Data Storage Corporation Introduces Its New Service, IBM Power Monitor 24

Data Storage Corporation, a provider of diverse business continuity, disaster recovery protection and specialized hybrid cloud solutions, today announced the release of its newest solution, the IBM Power Monitor 24, a Pro-Active IBM i systems monitoring service.  This global accessible service provides clients who utilize IBM power servers complete confidence in knowing their business systems are being automatically monitored by the solution, including 24/7 support by its certified technical staff.
"IBM Power Monitor 24 is a valuable IT insurance policy," stated Tom Kempster, president, Data Storage's Service Operations Group. "This will ensure a lower technical staff cost, while providing an outsourced monitoring backed by our 24/7 support. Because we are continuously monitoring, our customers will receive the peace of mind knowing they are always fully supported."  Kempster further said, "Our high-level monitoring services were only available to our clients that purchased IBM equipment from us, as well as our IaaS Power Cloud."
The critical service runs continuously, checking the health of systems, allowing the DSC technical staff to assist in any areas requiring improvement for the system's reliability and performance.  The cost-effective, high value service ensures IBM i system issues are addressed in a timely manner, reducing the impact and disruption to the business.