2016 Press Releases

December 21, 2016

Compuverde Provides Bloxham Mill with vNAS Storage Solution for its Data Centre Offering

Organisations are looking to upgrade their storage solutions but often find that public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service does not fit their requirements. Compuverde announced that it has enabled Bloxham Mill Business Centre to provide expanded data centre infrastructure services to its SME customers.

Bloxham Mill wanted a storage solution that would offer synchronous data replication between two separate data centre locations at a competitive cost and without the complexity that usually comes with it. The solution had to support virtual and bare-metal workloads; block, file and object protocols; and directory integration, as well as offer secure multi-tenancy. These requirements would mean various solutions from multiple vendors, like a combination of Isilon and Nutanix. But Compuverde's vNAS solution and hyper-converged infrastructure met all Bloxham Mill's needs in a unified storage fabric capable of spanning multiple data centres.

Mirrored, distributed data: Compuverde can be utilised as a metro cluster, without any more hardware as storage controllers or Fiber Channel switches. Within a metro cluster, data is synchronously mirrored and distributed to two independent physical locations.

Easy scalability: Bloxham Mill wanted a forward-looking storage solution that could scale out nodes easily and incrementally. To scale a Compuverde metro cluster, new nodes are simply supplemented at the primary and secondary location, without downtime.

Protection against loss: The Compuverde metro cluster allows situations where one entire data centre goes down and the other one is still up and running without service disruption. Compuverde also applies erasure coding for further protection against data loss and it significantly increases the logical storage capacity of the cluster.

According to Ray Avery, Managing Director of Bloxham Mill, "Our business is built on providing impeccable service to our customers. Compuverde has given us a fantastic platform to build upon, offering a level of flexibility and resilience which would have been impossible to achieve with a legacy alternative – and at a competitive price point."

Carl-Henric Möllerström, Vice President at Compuverde, said "As organisations look for storage solutions to meet their changing needs, they can run into complex issues that require expensive solutions. Our unique approach enables us to leverage a vNAS metro cluster to offer a solution with significant improvements in performance, availability and simplicity. At the same time, it is easy to deploy and manage and doesn't break the budget. Together with our UK partner Ethos Technology, we are happy to help Bloxham Mill expand its offerings and position itself as a forward-thinking business partner for its customers."