2018 Press Releases

April 03, 2018

Cloudian Announces Certification with Quantum’s StorNext FlexTier

Cloudian® announced Cloudian’s HyperStore has been certified with Quantum’s® StorNext FlexTier. This enables Quantum customers to tier data from Quantum StorNext to Cloudian HyperStore, thus providing limitlessly scalable, on-premises capacity expansion at about 70 percent less cost than traditional NAS systems.

StorNext is a high-performance, multi-tier shared storage platform designed for large, data-intensive workloads. It is the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-driven data management software.

FlexTier is fully integrated into the StorNext file system and enables intelligent policy-based tiering. Together with Cloudian HyperStore, it provides access to a limitlessly scalable pool of on-premises storage for StorNext capacity expansion. Employing policy-based tools, StorNext can automatically copy or move data to Cloudian HyperStore —with no scripts, programming, or manual processes. FlexTier can also be used for enhanced data protection, on-the-fly scalability, or to offload content from primary storage.

“With Cloudian HyperStore, StorNext users have a new option to cost-effectively expand their Quantum storage environment. In addition, they get a storage platform with industry-leading S3 API interoperability, thus creating new storage options for a wide range of cutting-edge S3-compatible applications that address current and future unstructured data growth challenges,” said Sanjay Jagad, senior director of products and solutions at Cloudian.

“A high-performance data infrastructure is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ – businesses need fast access in order to remain competitive,” said Laura Shepard, senior director of scale-out product marketing, Quantum. “Cloudian HyperStore is easily integrated into a StorNext-powered storage environment, giving our customers more choice and flexibility for offloading data from primary storage.”

The HyperStore Advantage

Cloudian HyperStore is the industry’s most S3-compatible on-premises storage platform for unstructured data consolidation, supporting use cases that include data protection, media archives, file sharing, medical imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. HyperStore’s cost-effective entry point and modular scalability make it easy for enterprises to start small and then grow seamlessly with expanding demand.