2017 Press Releases

September 08, 2017

CloudGenix and Kovarus Associate to Provide Best-in-Class SD-WAN

CloudGenix announced that it has partnered with Kovarus to help businesses take advantage of the myriad benefits provided by CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN. Kovarus is a systems integrator known to assist companies modernize and automate their IT infrastructure using cloud and software-defined networking, enabling transformation to accelerate innovation and deliver cost-effective business outcomes. Therefore, the addition of SD-WAN to their list of products and services offered helps further extend their value proposition to customers.

CloudGenix SD-WAN develops the customer’s WAN to be able to take advantage of any transport including broadband Internet securely, improve application performance and experience, reduce dependency on expensive multi-protocol label-switched (MPLS) private WANs, and reduce remote office infrastructure and cost. Besides that, CloudGenix SD-WAN is powered by CloudGenix AppFabric, which continually monitors granular transactional performance metrics for each application and WAN link, and enforces policies for those applications based on user-defined requirements for performance, security, and compliance. Unlike traditional packet-routed solutions that are limited to bandwidth, latency, packet loss, jitter, and reachability, CloudGenix understands those metrics in addition to metrics related to application sessions to better understand and enforce policy based on actual application performance, user experience, and business requirements for performance, compliance, and security.

On the partnership with CloudGenix, Patrick Cronin, Principal and Co-Founder of Kovarus said, "Kovarus helps businesses transform IT into an innovation engine, enabling fundamental change to accelerate innovation. CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN allows us to further that transformation by helping them deploy cloud and SaaS without compromise, increase flexibility and simplicity of their WAN architecture, and reduce their operating costs."

Meanwhile, Robert Sexton, Vice President of Channels at CloudGenix give his statement regarding the partnership with Kovarus, "Kovarus has an excellent history in helping companies transform I/T from overhead and a cost-center into a business enabler and innovation center. CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN complements the Kovarus portfolio of software-defined networking, cloud, and infrastructure products and services to help customers achieve similar benefits in their WAN environment."