2015 Press Releases

October 29, 2015

CloudBerry releases Cloud Backup Solution for Oracle Databases

CloudBerry Lab, a vendor of backup and management solutions for cloud storage services, has announced the immediate availability of CloudBerry Backup for Oracle Database.
This backup solution is so easy-to-use that customers can simply set and forget – their databases will be automatically protected - with backups stored in the Oracle Database Backup Cloud and a data restore capability that is both simple to use and free.
"We've heard a lot from customers about the need for a purpose-built solution to back up Oracle databases directly to an Oracle Database Backup Cloud," said CloudBerry Lab CTO Alexey Serkov.
"With this release, we've delivered a solution that has all the simplicity, value and power that customers have come to expect from CloudBerry."
The solution is based on Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and the RMAN cloud backup module which provides backup and recovery capabilities to Oracle Cloud, and includes all the features customers expect from a CloudBerry Backup solution, including easy scheduling setup, 256-bit AES encryption compression and email notifications.
The benefits of CloudBerry Backup for Oracle Database include:
Custom Built for Oracle Database: Because the solution was built specifically for Oracle Database backups, it's intuitive to use, easy to automate and completely secure.
Based on Oracle Technologies: CloudBerry provides an easy and convenient user interface for performing backup to Oracle Cloud using Oracle Recovery Manager and the cloud backup module.
Direct Data Transfers: CloudBerry does not process any data on third party servers; all data transfers occur between the source instance and an Oracle Database Backup Cloud account controlled by the customer.
Restore is always free: CloudBerry never hits customers with a restoration fee, and there's no need to own a CloudBerry Backup commercial license to restore data. Customers can configure data retrieval directly from the product activation screen.
CloudBerry Backup for Oracle Database licenses cost US$229.99 per server, and it is available now.