2017 Press Releases

February 13, 2017

Booz Allen Hamilton and Elastic Partner to Accelerate Real-Time Search, Logging, Analytics and Security Initiatives

Booz Allen Hamilton and Elastic, creators of the open source software Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash) and X-Pack commercial extensions, today announced a partnership that will enable organizations to shift more quickly to open, flexible and cloud-based technologies that support massive data volumes, to allow for data diversity and to accelerate access to real-time insights.

Organisations produce huge amounts of data every day -- from logs tracking website visitors to orders placed to cyberattack attempts. These records, regularly scattered across silos, are not always easily accessible so organisations are working hard to enhance their ability to handle, search and analyse their data in real-time.

According to Peter Guerra, Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, "Among public and private sector leaders, there's an increasing interest in efficient data search technologies to solve some of the world's most complex and demanding use cases. Elastic's technology paired with Booz Allen experts will help public and private entities transform data into valuable insights and build real-time systems that enable a new level of intelligence and analytics."

In combination with other technologies, Booz Allen will use the Elastic Stack and X-Pack to help clients adapt to modern data architectures, build real-time applications and allow enterprise-wide data search, cybersecurity and anomaly detection. The Elastic and Booz Allen partnership will help clients pursue transformative strategies using data across search, logging, security, and analytics use cases to achieve millisecond response times across terabytes of diverse data types. X-Pack also delivers monitoring, alerting, Graph analytics, reporting, and machine learning capabilities and meets the stringent government data security requirements.

The partnership announced builds on the Booz Allen and Elastic collaboration at a government agency to re-engineer its legacy systems into an integrated, shared-services platform to deliver mapping, visualisations, and data mash-ups enabled across all its data sets, eliminating the agency's current siloed approach.

Aaron Katz, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations at Elastic said, "Elastic is very excited to expand upon our relationship with Booz Allen to help enterprises and government agencies tap into the unrealized potential of their data, accelerate open data initiatives, and solve complex use cases like cybersecurity. With the creation of the Elastic Champions Group, Booz Allen and Elastic will gain direct user feedback designed to refine and accelerate the adoption of the Elastic Stack and X-Pack for our joint customers. This will also result in quick deployment and use of the technology in meeting the needs and the mission of the clients."