Pikom Leadership Summit Data Driven Disruption

When: Nov 23, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Pikom Leadership Summit – Data Driven Disruption

The theme of the Pikom’s leadership Summit this year was “The Age of Disruptive technology”. It was interesting for us to see Fusionex International as one of the three key sponsors.

Fusionex is one of Malaysia’s Big Data success stories and it is increasingly the case the people are realising that data and data analytics is the foundation of the disruption we are seeing in industry today.
Pikom put an excellent “cast” of speakers together and DSA picked out a few key themes that resonated across the presentations, which in turn we believe the IT leaders who attended will internalise and bring back into the businesses they represent.

Nicholas Tan who gave the keynote address on behalf of Fusionex, enlightened the audience as to how Big Data is changing things in a number of ways. He impressed that it is bridging a gap between IT and the business, in increasing cases IT fuelled by big data is becoming the business not just supporting the business. The famous example being Uber a business built on an interface and data.

Tan also explained that we are moving into the next phase of Big Data – from predictive data analysis to prescriptive data analysis – by this he means data won’t just predict outcomes it will predetermine outcomes.

Think deeply about this

The message is clear data driven disruption is only just beginning.

In an age where many companies in the IT eco system are struggling to reinvent to remain relevant, Pikom have been having to reassert their own relevance. In our view at DSA, Pikom has struck the right vein with this year’s theme.  By pointing leaders down the right paths in an IT world that is being defined by disruption we found their “stock” amongst the attendees at this well attended event is on the rise.

Talking to some of the delegates we heard consistent positive feedback. Whilst people we spoke to preferred to remain anonymous, the comments were highly supportive.

One delegate from an online business explained “5 years ago we were thought of as the new disruptive company, today we are already seeing new companies built on new technologies threaten our space, getting expert guidance on disruptive technologies is relevant to all of us.”

Another from a media company told us “This year’s leadership summit is more useful to me than others I have attended, we are finding that technology is changing the rules of business and we really need to see how others are dealing with this.”

At DSA we always take a data centric view of the world, and whilst data was a side them of this years summit, it was also clear that Pikom put together an event which stressed heavily how the data driven economy is an integral factor in the disruption all Malaysian companies are increasingly having to navigate.

Coming back to Tan’s keynote speech he gave a stat that 89% of businesses are struggling with the basics of analytics and 58% cited they have problems with data collection. For Malaysian business to excel in this disruptive driven era they need to grapple with these fundamental issues. Pikom are taking a central position in highlighting this to the leaders that can affect the change the country needs to see.

Where: Sime Darby