DSA Guide to Data Recovery and Data Destruction

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Data&StorageAsean have collaborated with Kroll Ontrack to publish this guide to Data Recovery and Data Destruction.

In this age of total data mobility with corporate and critical data being stored in disparate loacations and disparate devices, the chances of all important data always being backed up is bcoming harder to guarantee. Further, the turn over of devices carrying data is also increasing, with the devices we use being disposed of far more regularly, and frequently, than in the past.

This leaves to massive challenges for IT managers. First is the increase in situations where data needs to be recovered rather than restored. That means reclaiming lost data that has been deleted when no backup of that data is available. Second is securely disposing of data carrying devices. unfortunately, formatting a drive or doing a factory reset on a mobile phone does NOT make the data you think you deleted unrecoverable. 

The more confidential your data is the more seriously you need to plan to securely destroy data on devices before you dispose, sell or recycle them.

In today's ennvironments its not just about HDDs or SDDs, its about BYOD and virtualised environments too.

This comprehensive guide provides a clear overview of the issues you need to consider and may have to face for both Data Recovery and Data Destruction

Download your copy now. Share with us your comment, including the next guide.

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