You don’t need hardware to use IoT


Data & Storage Asean once again was privileged to be able to have an interview with Michael Garcia, Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon Web Services IoT recently to find out more about their initiatives around IoT and what is in-store in the coming months with cloud for the ASEAN region. Michael has over 7 years of IT experience in IT, focused mainly in cloud computing technologies, while also being involved in international projects at scale, in countries such as the US and Sweden and many more worldwide.
We asked Michael how has AWS been growing awareness around Asia to get business owners to be more open to adopting IoT. He shared that AWS has been running a lot of event s to help business owners gain more knowledge and information on the advantages and ideas for implementing IoT within their industry. He added that information can also be found on their website for those interested to learn more about how AWS can assist them.
“The (event) I’m part of this week, Innovate 2018, that is a great example.” This event will be recorded but the event they will be holding in July will be steamed live for their customers to view from around the world.
“During the event you can learn more about what AWS is doing and there is one track during the event, the IoT track. So, we will have 5 sessions where one of them will be focused on the business outcomes that is the one I’m doing and the others are for customers to learn how to use our service to work at the edge and what our edge story is,” he explained.
AWS he adds, are keen to provide education for their customers and that’s how the events are being geared to. Customers can also attend AWS training online to familiarise themselves with their services and gain the skills necessary which is a good starting point for new customers.
He shared that for IoT people believe that you need hardware to get started, but AWS products for the edge to be able to easily deploy, program and manage micro-controllers.
“Those are very constrained devices and you can start with a windows simulator that is available online. So, you don’t need to have the hardware to get started.”
AWS are one of the leaders for disruption in the cloud and now with IoT. With these bold moves that are disrupting how businesses are being run, one wonders how are businesses adapting to these changes and are they sitting on the fence or taking to it like a duck to water.
“Every time we have conversations with C level executives, it’s not a question of should we do it, it’s what are the good use cases and how can IT help us in timing the business challenges that we have. Definitely in the region, we have seen more and more adoption.”
With the proliferation of IoT and its advantages becoming clear, companies are using IoT and edge computing in all industries from yielding better crops or in factories to get better optimisation from their machines. Companies like AWS are paving the way and are being the educators that businesses need to get familiarized with the technology so as not to be left behind in this fast paced ever changing digital economy.

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