Women in Data & Storage: Zerto

Rachel-Ann Wicks, Marketing & Communications Manager, APAC, Zerto

Data&StorageAsean: How did you get into this part of the industry? Was it intentional?

Rachel: After I finished my education while running my promotional marketing company a customer of mine in the technology industry approached me to fill their internal marketing role. After a lot of consideration I decided to take the role and gradually wind down my business; this was how I ended up working in the technology sector many years ago. It wasn’t an intentional move but one that I am always glad I made. From the wider technology space, I sought a role in the Data/Storage industry at Zerto and find it challenging and exciting every day.
Data&StorageAsean: Has there been any resistance you have felt being a woman in a male dominated industry?

Rachel: Most of my greatest supporters throughout my career in IT have been men and men of all ages and career levels. I am a part of several women in IT forums in Australia and am widening that this year to include Asia Pacific and Japan women in IT forums. By surrounding myself with other successful and driven women who are like minded provides support and also helps to provide ideas to raise gender diversity internally within our management/executive teams. I encourage any woman in IT, whether they be a seasoned veteran or young entry level executive, to participate in the gender diversity conversation and encourage men within their network or organisation to advocate for increased awareness within the industry. This, together with an education system encouraging more women to see IT as a career where they can be successful and climb to the top, is what will really strengthen our industry.
Data&StorageAsean: What keeps you motivated day to day?

Rachel: My team. They are simply the best professionally and personally.

Data&StorageAsean: Do you have a role model in the industry?

Rachel: I seek inspiration from a variety of people in the industry but I have to say that my current managing director, Andrew Martin, has been particularly insightful from a skills development perspective. Andrew ensures that I continue to challenge myself and hone my skills in specific areas so that I not only stay relevant as a marketer but also maintain interest in my day to day.

Data&StorageAsean: Any advice to someone interested in the industry about what to look out for in data/storage?

Rachel: Surround yourself with both veterans and young upstarts to ensure that you gather wisdom and stay on top of what is new in data/storage. I also encourage you to attend industry conferences; sitting through keynote presentations, talking to vendors at the booth and networking with industry folk is a great way to get a sense of the industry and where you want to focus your career path.

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