Swiftly Speaking Security: Carbon Black

Kane Lightowler, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Carbon Black

Data&StorageAsean: Has the rise in cloud adoption affected the way people (vendors and users) approach security?  

Kane: Absolutely. Cloud adoption has brought to light a reality we’ve known in information security for quite some time: the endpoint is the new perimeter. No longer can you simply put up a wall and hope to keep the bad guys out. Modern security programs focus on protecting the endpoint – laptops, desktops and servers – where critical data resides. As more users and businesses move to the cloud, they’ll need to make this distinction when it comes to protecting their data. 

Data&StorageAsean: Do XaaS providers do a good job of securing your data?

Kane: It truly depends on the individual organization but service providers are increasingly becoming more aware of the need for better security and consumers should demand it. It is absolutely necessary for XaaS providers to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their systems to remain competitive. Additionally, keeping those systems secure and available 24/7 is their core business. XaaS providers who fail to secure data will quickly be out of business.

Data&StorageAsean: Security used to be about virus protection and access control how has that changed? 

Kane: Traditional antivirus protection is no longer an effective security control. It relies on knowing what’s bad ahead of time. Today’s modern attacks are more than just blanket attacks. They are targeted to exploit specific vulnerabilities at specific organizations. As a result, today’s organizations must use a combination of technologies that combine prevention, detection and response, as well as use machine learning, behavioral intelligence and threat intelligence to protect from known and unknown threats.

Data&StorageAsean: Can a company protect themselves 100% from Data Security Threats? 

Kane: There is no silver bullet in security. No organization can claim to be 100 percent safe from attacks but with the right people, processes and technology in place, today’s businesses can significantly reduce their attack surfaces and prepare for the inevitable breach. A comprehensive security program does more than just try to keep the bad guys out. It combines prevention, detection and response with enterprise-wide visibility so that an organization can see attacks and stop them dead in their tracks.
Data&StorageAsean: Are you seeing big data or machine learning being used in data security - on either side of the fence (hackers and/or vendors)? 

Kane: Machine learning and big-data technologies are becoming increasingly common in cyber security. Automated analysis of threat intelligence is being used to identify Patterns of Attack (PoAs), which are critical for security teams to identify the root cause of cyber-attacks. As we continue to implement big data and machine learning technologies, however, it’s critical that man and machine have a symbiotic relationship. Technology should empower humans (and vice versa) to form a comprehensive defense against cyber-attacks. One side cannot do it alone.

Data&StorageAsean:   What’s unique about your own offerings and product strategy? 
Kane: The Cb Endpoint Security Platform is the most complete endpoint security solution helping organizations of all sizes replace antivirus, lock down critical systems, and arm security teams with the most advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats.
Only the Cb Endpoint Security Platform is powered by the industry’s first Collective Defense Cloud, an advanced attack analytics engine that assesses what’s safe and what’s not in an environment based on the most complete endpoint data available. The Cb Collective Defense Cloud analyses information related to attacks, threats, behaviors, and change, with the singular purpose of identifying malicious activity. Raw endpoint data is continuously gathered from more than 7 million computers protected by Cb Defense, Cb Response and Cb Protection, and enhanced with threat intelligence from dozens of sources including Carbon Black’s Detection eXchange community.
Simply put, Carbon Black sees more threats, stops the most attacks and helps organizations close security gaps better than any other solution available.

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