Interview with Wee Kai Teck, Hitachi Malaysia

Interview with Wee Kai Teck - Kuala Lumpur on January 28th, 2016  

DataStorageAsean: What are Hitachi’s main focus areas?

Wee: We are focusing on few areas: Number one is convergence, we have quite few things we are working on in relation converge platform which is very integrated with the application provider of our alliances and partners, for instance, we had a good opportunity with SAP very recently which I can’t announce now until the final implementation is announced. We also had a good deal with VMware space with Unified Compute Platform (UCP) which is our converged platform. Basically these are our two key partners and last one is the Microsoft.
Also, for the past 18 months, we have shipped 5 terabyte of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), which is our content solution. So generally we see content and mobility as the key to our business.
DataStorageAsean: We are seeing big consolidation among storage vendors? (Dell buying EMC, Netapp Buying Solidfire) what is Hitachi’s view on this and can we expect Hitachi start acquiring any companies?
Wee: As we are under the cooperate initiative, we are not focused on acquiring any companies. In the meantime, we are looking at companies that are acquiring. My view on the trend is that, this is a strategy for those companies but for us, we are able to leverage and take the opportunity on the market, looking for what to do for our customers.  
DataStorageAsean: What is the Hitachi approach to Software Defined Storage (SDS)? What SDS products are Hitachi have and also whether if you are worried that SDS will reduce your market opportunity.
Wee: We are not worried about the SDS market, we have lunched phase one of the Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) that was launched about 12 months ago and the phase two was launched only a few months back. In a single platform for end-to-end, we used to be the number one in Storage Virtualization at Enterprise level. Now, we allow our infrastructure platform to be more affordable, flexible from the very low-end to the high-end. This is why we launch the platform along with applications which are integrated with VMware.

DataStorageAsean: What do Hitachi think is the future for Flash only disk vendors? And do Hitachi feel flash only disk vendors are a threat to their business?

Wee: This particular area is only applicable to certain applications. It is very important. Some applications do not require that kind of performance. The cost is also something to be considered. You cannot have flash to run all your archive solutions. This will be difficult to manage as you have to look at different types of storage. Therefore, to us, variety of storage is very important, as all these performances are run by our SDI, which is our premium platform. This is part of our software defined infrastructure strategy going forward.  

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