Interview with Ed Boyajian, President & CEO, EnterpriseDB

Speaking with Ed Boyajian, President and CEO, EnterpriseDB

DataStorageAsean: Just before we start we wanted to congratulate you on how well EnterpriseDB are doing presently?

ED: Yes, thank you. It’s been an exciting time for the company. I think it’s a really important time especially around Open Source Data Management. 

DataStorageAsean: Why did you choose to develop a business around Postgres rather than other RDBMs like Oracle or SQL?

ED: As you guys may know, I was a part of RedHat for 7 years so I developed a fair amount of experience in Open Source and during that time many of our large customers were approaching us asking about solutions around their proprietary database centres. It was clear to me that there was Open Source alternatives to Oracle and the other big proprietary databases that could compete effectively and after looking at this more closely, it was really clear to me that Postgres was the technical offset for these propriety databases. So given my experience at RedHat in commercialising Linux and J-boss, I wanted to bring some of that insider experience into the open source arena around Postgres. Which I believed was a really be a good place for us to start. As from, a technical perspective, it is the competitive offset to big proprietary databases.    

DataStorageAsean: What use cases are Postgres best suited to?

ED: Postgres is designed from the same technical foundations as Oracle that the original system our white paper was used to create a the most popular commercial databases is what was used to build Postgres so to that end, Postgres is designed to handle enterprise transactional and relational workloads. This causes a really broad spectrum of different application areas, everything from Enterprise class applications which touches almost every functional area. We see our products deployed to financial services, broadly in telco, in government across the full range of applications dedicated to those environments. 

DataStorageAsean: How about security and data protection - is Postgres strong in these areas?

ED: I think all of the security provisions in traditional proprietary databases are made also in Postgres databases and I think one of the advantages that we see in Open Source is that particularly in relation to security all of the parts of the Open Source are available to the viewed and reviewed by a broad audience of users that it really passes the scrutiny under the concept of peer review. When you have a peer review technology like that, any limitations security or any other part of the technology, gets addressed very quickly because it gets viewed by thousands of developers. So in many ways, we think the security attributes of Postgres is equal to or better than proprietary alternatives.

DataStorageAsean: We see you talking about unstructured data, is Postgres a Big Data Solution?

ED: The way we look at it, Big Data is a very broad term and what we see is that we have users who use Postgres on a broad landscape but some of the capabilities inside Postgres do handle Big Data type workloads very well. More recently, we have seen the addition of JSON programming designated process which allows us to handle large scale document stores, that can be back up the same technology that is use in other popular open source Big Data solutions. While Postgres is a workhorse for transactional workloads that is really the sweet spot so we see Postgres being deployed in a wider range of applications some of which would be considered in the Big Data category. I think other things that we’ve done is, through some of the convention of our data connectors of which you will them being referred data wrappers or FBW we are able to connect to other big data sources which is really more the modern architecture today. We are seeing more data wrappers, which allows us to connect to those data sources seamlessly through a Postgres Database so in that instance, they become integrated. We believe that Postgres is the leading alternative in those multi-DB enterprise environments and we work alongside all of them. In relation to price points we are are 10% not usually more than 20% the cost of proprietary products.  

DataStorageAsean: With all the XaaS offerings available, is there a place for companies like EnterpriseDB within the ASEAN Marketplace?

ED: Sure. We have today, so if you look into that landscape there is probably a couple of areas that are of real interest to us. Firstly, the pure software as a service (SaaS) market is a really fertile ground for the use of Postgres and other open source Database technologies. Particularly, because in that environment we can see in our SaaS customers use Postgres and If you think of a database in the context of cost and control, they need to make sure that whatever technical platform they choose to support their customers, they have the right operating cost to live with that service. So, Postgres as an open source based product, given the price of the performance attributes, has proven to be a really good choice for companies that fast businesses. I think that if we really look to go beyond that into cloud landscape where you see most hosted platforms as a service or infrastructure as a service vendor.

Today, we deploy broadly in those environments – we have a Postgres DB service that runs on the website AliBaba.com Cloud and we have a similar that runs in the Amazon Cloud so that people can take advantage of on demand Postgres for those types of service providers. We have a lot of strength in Database as a service market in the ASEAN marketplace. This market has been a very important market for us – we just expanded very significantly here. We have opened an office in Australia as our new Asia Pacific HQ and that adds to the offices we have in Tokyo and Seoul. We then expect our market to reach into India, where we already have a major presence.          

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