Veeam Using Malaysia To Expand Within APJ

At the recently concluded VeeamON Avalability event, DSA was able to have a quick word with Global Technology Evangelist, Rick Vanover from Veeam, and find out how the team is handling their APJ and especially Malaysian market that’s in its Cloud infancy.

Rick Vanover, Global Technology Evangelist Veeam

Rick explained that he is one of the few product spokesperson and specifically for APJ, they realise there is an opportunity for growth.

“It started in 2015 when we opened our office in KL with around 40 people who serve as sales and marketing for all of Asia. We work in conjunction with the Singapore office but the KL office is bigger.”

Although that is predominantly a sales and marketing office, Rick says that the product side is an important aspect for him too.

“Product and technology is important to me too. So in 2016 I hired an evangelist to be based in Australia. That was a big step for us to take”, he said explaining how Veeam sees the importance of making the right moves to solidify their foothold in the region.

“I look at the Asia region in general as incredible opportunity. Our Co CEO and President, Peter McKay has identified a number of Asian countries to focus on, and Malaysia has always been a really good market for us,” he added.

 Peter McKay, Co CEO and President Veeam

Rick explains that as a strong tier 2 market segment, activities planned in Malaysia has really good response and therefore take the Malaysian and the Asian markets very seriously.

He goes on to share that due to the opportunities that present themselves in this region, they are building not only more sales teams, but stronger sales teams to meet the demands there.

“What we see is a potential to set a framework in place for us to grow faster than other regions since there is a lot of opportunity in APJ.”

Although the infrastructure is not as up to date as other more developed countries, they are able to improve on the current technology and show the customer better ways to enhance the customer experience.

“For instance if a customer has a VM environment like Netapp or HPE, using that technology alone might be enough for the enterprise at the time. But then we show them what they could do with what they have with Veeam, and we open their eyes to look at backup in a whole new way. This is a really good thing and we can have a really good conversation about storage and backup,” he says.

He adds that although cloud is not really an accepted technology within the region, he believes with the right mindset and approach, this can be easily addressed.

“Whenever I bring up cloud, there’s a general sense of disappointment,” he says in jest. “But I raise a different point. I’m not talking about Amazon or Azure per se, but I’m talking about the notion of a model. Traditionally they thought of the cloud as a location, but actually the cloud is a model. Once I get them to see it as a way to provision and consume resources, then they are open to bring Veeam into the picture.”

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