Veeam to be Acquired?

The Register in the UK has published an article claiming that HPE may be eyeing to acquire Veeam. You can view the article in full here.

There is nothing in the article to claim the writer has an inside source, so it’s possible that article is nothing more than speculation on the part of The Register. Earlier this year, we at DSA predicted Nimble would be acquired, we were proved correct but we had no inside track and we did not single out HPE as the acquirer.

At this stage, we have not bothered to reach out to Veeam locally as their corporate line is that they don’t comment on these types of rumours. The reality would be even the most senior Veeam executives in Asia are unlikely to be privy to this kind of M&A dialogue.

So where does that leave us? The Register seem to think something is going on, and our take is even if this is wishful thinking on their part, it is certainly not crazy speculation. HPE’s two recent purchases show real interest in storage disrupting technology (Simplivity and Nimble).

Whilst Veeam is no longer a disrupter, it is without doubt the success story in SMB virtualised data protection. Combine this with the lacklustre of HPE’s own Data Protector Backup software which is often packaged as a “give away” to help sweeten a hardware deal and we can see strong reasons why HPE might want to acquire Veeam.

Veeam’s sweet spot is definitely SMB, and they sell into smaller accounts than Simplivity and Nimble. Given the focus of these recent purchases, we don’t see Veeam as the perfect fit. Considering recent announcements by HPE and Zerto, perhaps Zerto would be a much more disruptive and relevant acquisition for HPE?

Let’s be clear, that’s just wild speculation on our part!

But if wild speculation is good enough for The Register, then why not for us at DSA?

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