Symantec Malaysia Welcome in the Year of The Rooster

Symantec Malaysia Welcome in the Year of The Rooster.

DSA were invited along with other local press to welcome in the year of the Rooster with Symantec Staff, Partners and Customers at a banquet laid on at Ruyi and Lyn Chinese at BSC in KL this evening.

Guests enjoyed an 8 course meal which began with the now obligatory Yee sang led by Symantec Malaysia Country Manager Tan Soo Hui  and her team.

We were impressed at the turn out. Despite the size of the venue (which is very large) the event was over attended and the restaurant staff had to find a way to squeeze in three extra tables for the surge of people that attended.

To prepare for the upcoming Chinese New year, Symantec gave out large hampers to randomly selected guests, and our faith in Malaysian ethics was restored when DSA’s own General Manager, Melina Hwang was announced as one of the lucky winners. It was nice to see when quite obviously amongst the attendees were representatives from much larger corporations which much larger IT budgets. Melina also took the opportunity to personally present Tan Soo Hui with the DSA award for best Data Security Company 2016. Ms Tan confirmed how pleased they were, especially given that the results are decided by DSA reader votes.

Symantec resisted the temptation to lay on a celebrity Feng Shui master to predict our futures for the coming year. Instead they called on their own Cybersecurity Feng Shui Master David Rajoo (actually Symantec’s Director of Systems Engineering)  to talk about the cybersecurity threats we may face in 2017.

Some of the interesting predictions that David highlighted for the year of the Rooster included:

  • The proliferation of the cloud generation, leading to far more complex user definitions, a speedily evolving data attack surface laying over an ever-expanding perimeter.

  • He predicted that connected cars will be taken for ransom. An interesting play on words, but when you think it through it highlights the reality of the evolving attack surface.

  • IOT is hot, with Symantec believing that this will be the year that IOT penetrates the enterprise. David also pointed out that IOT really is opening up vulnerabilities that we just haven’t considered before. He referred to SHODAN the new search engine for internet connected devices. Drawing this out to its natural conclusion that could lead to people searching for devices connected from your own personal living spaces. For the people present they agreed it’s a good thing that Symantec are already thinking about these issues ahead of the curve.

  • David also reminded us that Ransomware and cloud will remain a big threat, not surprising but important not to forget.

This was the first big event the Malaysian business has run since they merged with Blue Coat. The presentations showed the strength of the combined solutions and the event showed that the two sets of customers and partners seem very comfortable sitting side by side.

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