Pure1 aims to simplify management of cloud storage

Flash vendor Pure Storage launched Pure1, a single platform for cloud-based storage management and support that improves productivity by giving IT staff the freedom to monitor storage across the globe from mobile devices.
Pure1 brings the previously fragmented management and support processes together into one cloud-based experience. The goal is to bring together users, channels and Pure staff to work together to provide seamless coordination and ultra-proactive support.
Pure Storage claims the new platform reduces costs by eliminating dedicated storage management servers at each site where arrays are located and simplifies integration with applications in virtualization and cloud computing environments.
Pure1 is built on the foundation of the Pure1 Cloud, an expansion of Pure Storage’s existing CloudAssist technology, and consists of four elements: Manage, Support, Connect and Collaborate.
Pure Storage FlashArrays are managed via Pure1 and powered by the Purity Operating Environment. The FlashArray is Pure’s modular and scalable all-flash array, designed from the ground up for solid-state storage, which runs the Purity Operating Environment. When FlashArray and Purity are paired with Pure Storage’s innovative Evergreen Storage model, the customer experience related to the procurement, upgrade, expansion and ownership of storage is reinvented for simplicity.
“Storage management is a key component to architecting an effective flash deployment strategy,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director, IDC. “Cloud-based management solutions are the wave of the future because of their ease of use and flexibility, and with Pure1, Pure Storage now has a strong entry in this space that frees customers of the restrictions of legacy management models.”

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