Pure Storage On Flash - Price Isn’t the Only Factor

Pure Storage has been named a leader in Solid-State Arrays by Gartner for four years in a row, ahead of traditional tech giants like IBM and HPE. The flash pioneer also looks set to meet its goal to reach $1 billion in revenue for 2017. Kevin Delane, Pure Storage’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, attributes much of the company’s success to the strength and simplicity of their product offerings as well as the way they’ve maintained a very high level of customer satisfaction.
“I do think our customer experience to be the number one reason [for our success] and really it’s the simplicity of the product, but also the simplicity of working with Pure. We’re very transparent and easy to transact with, and our service and support is really strong too.” Kevin was in KL last week to deliver the opening keynote address at Pure Live Kuala Lumpur. DSA was able to pry Kevin and Chua Hock Leng, Pure’s ASEAN Regional Director, away from their busy schedule for a few comments.

Storage requirements are evolving with time and workloads are moving from traditional storage to clouds. Kevin believes that Pure is a company that puts innovation at its forefront and is uniquely positioned for the future with solutions that cater to every need. “We’ve built our innovation on three pillars. One, we’re software defined. Two, we’re accelerated through our hardware architecture. And three, we are cloud connected.”

Kevin added, “We’ve built the data platform for the digital business. No matter what type of applications you have – traditional, virtualised, data analytics, big data or web-scale, we have a platform that will address it whether it is file, object or block. If you’re looking at converged, we have FlashStack, that we offer with Cisco.”

Both Kevin and Chua agree that even though flash adoption in ASEAN isn’t as advanced as certain countries, like Australia, for example, it’s still a very important market for Pure and they foresee the growth of flash to be significant over the next few years.

They then shared several findings from a global research survey conducted by Pure Storage on businesses in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). Some notable stats pertaining to Malaysian businesses are as follows:

  • 62% of Malaysian businesses are now deriving more than half their revenues from digital services. This is significantly higher than the average of 46% across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), signalling the fast growing pace of digital transformation in Malaysia.

  • 67% of Malaysian businesses are looking to digital services for faster innovation and to generate cost savings, while 64% believe digital services can help them improve customer demand.

  • Technical complexity is the biggest barrier to digital transformation, with 63% of Malaysian businesses saying it is preventing them from converting to digital solutions. This is followed by the lack of digital skillsets (47%).

  • 46% of Malaysian companies that ran workloads in public cloud environments have moved some or all of those workloads back on-premises, higher than the APJ average of 38%.

  • Security concerns are cited as the top drawback of public cloud for Malaysian companies (58%), followed by ease of use (40%) and performance (31%).

Whilst people are starting to realize the benefits of SSD, Chua pointed out that there remains a common perception regarding the technology in this region. “I think there’s a perception still that flash is expensive. But when you break down the total cost of ownership, it really comes to light that it’s less expensive than hard disk. So [we’re trying] to encourage companies to be innovative and more open to look at newer technologies – and to look at all-flash arrays in a very different way as not all all-flash arrays are the same.”

Chua had this to say in conclusion. “It’s not just about price. Any buyer will look at a few factors in place. The key part is how the product adds value and also solves their problems, depending on the use case. A lot of customers are looking at us to solve their problems. And most of the customers, once they start adopting us, they never look back.”
Press release for the Pure Live event follows in full below:

Pure Storage will be announcing in Malaysia its premier all-flash data platform for the cloud era. These include:

Tier 1 Storage, re-defined.
The new Purity//FA 5.0 software for Pure Storage’s FlashArray product line redefines tier one storage to meet the needs of a new generation of mission-critical cloud era workloads. The signature feature in Purity//FA 5.0 is ActiveCluster, a true active/active metro stretch cluster solution that extends availability to an unprecedented level, and provides business continuity across the data center or metro region. Other new features in Purity//FA 5.0 include policy-based QoS, essential for consolidating multiple tiers of workloads onto a single FlashArray, or implementing Service Provider business models; and Purity CloudSnap, a new capability for moving snapshots to and from the public cloud.

In addition to a range of software features, Pure Storage also announced the new 100% NVMe DirectFlash Shelf, the industry’s first mainstream NVMe all-flash array. The new DirectFlash Shelf leverages Pure Storage’s uniquely software-defined DirectFlash Modules. enabling the expansion of FlashArray//X beyond its base chassis, and provides NVMe expansion over a dedicated 50 Gb/S RoCE v2 NVMe/F fabric. This further extends Pure’s leadership in NVMe, defining the all-flash architecture that will drive performance and density gains for the next decade.

From Big Data to intelligent data.
The big data movement has helped organizations centralize data, but big data has historically meant slow data. Pure Storage’s revolutionary FlashBlade system makes big data into fast data, and unlocks iterative real-time analytics, advanced AI and machine learning (ML), and rich simulation for data of any size. At Pure Live today, Pure Storage has announced a series of updates to the FlashBlade product line: the ability to scale up to 75 blades and eight petabytes as a single system to process more data at higher speeds.; an ultra-fast, all-flash S3 object store to unlock additional use cases in rich media, healthcare and advanced analytics; and a 17TB blade to complement existing 8TB and 52TB configurations.
Multi-Cloud, delivered.
Cloud is everywhere - in core data centers, and in edge data centers where data volume and latency necessitate local processing. It’s also stretched between multi-cloud IaaS and SaaS providers. No matter what cloud an organization chooses or where they choose to run it, Pure Storage’s data platform helps simplify storage in multi-cloud environments with new advances that deliver the simplest cloud on every platform: Support for VMware VVOLs, Microsoft ODX, Docker Persistent Containers, native data protection integration with public cloud providers, and pre-validated FlashStack solutions to speed the time to cloud.
Self-driving storage.
Pure Storage today announced Pure1 META, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for delivering on the vision of self-driving storage. Pure1 META delivers global predictive intelligence by collecting and analyzing over 1 trillion array telemetry data points per day and enables effortless management, analytics and support. It represents a major breakthrough in enterprise AI and machine learning. Through the new Workload DNA generated by Pure1 META, customers will be able, for the first time in the industry, to predict both capacity and performance and get intelligent advice on workload deployment, interaction and optimization.

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