Pure Storage claims expanded flash portfolio will eliminate forklift upgrades

Flash array pioneer Pure Storage launched a new flagship flash array called FlashArray//m, the company’s new flagship all-flash storage array, Pure1 storage management platform, and Evergreen Storage, a new model for storage procurement and upgrades.
The vendor claims that these innovations deliver storage that is dramatically simpler and more efficient, and eliminate the forklift upgrade and data migration burden from storage ownership.
The Evergreen Storage model eliminates the three- to five-year rip-and-replace storage lifecycle that has impaired IT efficiency for decades. With Evergreen Pure promises upgrades can be done in-place. Evergreen Storage is delivered by combining FlashArray’s modular, stateless and software-defined architecture with Forever Flash, the company’s standard maintenance program.
Forever Flash delivers predictable ongoing “flat and fair” pricing, and includes software updates as well as periodic hardware upgrades, keeping the FlashArray modern over time.
Pure Storage is also announcing Upgrade Flex Bundles, which enable customers who are expanding their capacity to upgrade their FlashArray controller hardware, if desired, and receive trade-in value for their existing controller investment.
“It is clear that flash storage in the datacenter is here to stay. IDC recommends that all data centers should have flash deployed in at least some capacity today and should be strategically considering how best to leverage it going forward,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director, IDC.
“With today’s announcements from Pure Storage, they are creating a unique, new model for technology refresh that offers significant value for their customers. Supported by modifications in the hardware of their new FlashArray//m, customers can now and going forward upgrade entire FlashArrays in the field to completely new technology generations without any downtime, performance impacts, forklift upgrades or data migration. This new model will change customer preconceptions about the way technology refresh is performed in enterprise-class storage arrays.”
FlashArray//m is the fourth generation of Pure Storage’s flagship FlashArray product. It is an end-to-end integrated hardware and software innovation and features a modular upgradable architecture, that the vendor claims delivers a 50 percent increase in performance, 2.6x improvement in density, and 2.4x improvement in power efficiency-per-terabyte over previous FlashArray generations.
The FlashArray//m fully integrates two high-performance Intel Haswell controllers running the Purity Operating Environment 4.5, new NV-RAM cache modules, and new dual-drive flash modules inside the three rack unit (RU) chassis. This density results in the consolidation of racks of legacy disk storage, driving a 5-10x power, space, and efficiency improvement.

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