No 1 Homegrown Cloud Provider Advances With NetApp Solutions

IGS, a homegrown cloud provider, and NetApp today announced advancement in their data storage and management to enhance IGS’ AVM Cloud Services, a multi-tenancy cloud platform. It offers a broad range of enterprise cloud services that are dynamic enough to support the needs of large organisations while meeting the basic requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)at affordable prices.

Kenny Lim, Co-founder and Director of IGS, shared how they started out in 2010. “IGS started out as a traditional systems integrator that specialises in infrastructure solutions. Today, AVM Cloud Services is one of the largest homegrown cloud services provider in Malaysia, a first-of-its-kind cloud solution in the market. AVM Cloud Services is a complete one-stop Next Generation Cloud Platform that offers customers nearly unlimited choice of compute, storage, and network connectivity. It is also available on demand and with a growing list of key workloads and applications. NetApp’s All-Flash integration, automation, software, QoS, and scalability are vital in enabling the unique offerings of our AVM Cloud Services. This is why IGS is proud to be ‘Fueled by NetApp’.”

With all of their cloud sitting in Malaysia, they have no compliance issue. One cloud center is located in KL while another 2 are located in Cyberjaya. This gives them easy management of the data with highspeed connectivity and low latency. Kenny added that many organisations choose Malaysia as their hub because Malaysia has been marked as a 'free from natural disaster' zone.

He shared a use case where a food outlet with 1200 branches will be moving all their data to their AVM Cloud premises. They are able to do this easily he said and even cater to their 150 virtual machines because of their localised strategy.

To a question on why AVM decided to get involved with NetApp's program, Kenny said that it is a journey where they have worked with NetApp in the past, selling NetApp solutions 10 years back. "Fueled by NetApp program is targetted to cloud service providers. The model is holistic. The solution is not only in storage but the whole package," he clarified adding that they have a leverage by being able to scale out and scale up on their own terms. He says this is a win-win situation where the customer also wins. NetApp also helps with market penetration both locally and within the region.

The services offered by AVM and developed by NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy are through three products called Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Cloud-in-a-Box. NetApp’s Data Fabric works to unify data mobility and provide seamless data management. This gives AVM Cloud Services easy management of customer data across centres while offering customers the reality of instantly interoperating with other clouds. These include hyperscale cloud providers, providing choice, maximum application availability and assurance against vendor lock-in.

“Our customers come to us with very complex IT needs, it’s more than just ensuring 100% application uptime. We need to meet the requirements that cater to a wide variety of workloads, which include mission-critical intensive applications and a wide spectrum of industry requirements. Beyond that, customers also expect a consistent level of performance, especially for these applications that demand a higher level of business agility.” Kenny concluded.

NetApp Malaysia and Brunei Country Manager, Azrin Abd Shukor said, “Service providers must create engagement models that align with how enterprise IT wants to consume them. These products and solutions, together with their strategic packaging are the key to building profitable, customer-focused solutions. Data fabric is NetApp’s vision for hybrid cloud that enables service providers to do this effectively. Grounded by our Data Visionary proposition, NetApp believes in helping organisations transform and dominate new business models, thus forging new industries of tomorrow. We are happy to work with IGS to realise this vision and its plans on becoming one of the biggest cloud providers in ASEAN.”

To a question as to why managing data is so important to companies as they moved to cloud, Azrin says "Data is the new digital currency. For companies, data is important because data enables them to run their business and also improve their business."

He added that through AVM Cloud Services, customers achieve a better value for their data. “By unlocking digital customers’ channels and markets, as well as new opportunities for monetisation through Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT), NetApp is helping to redefine the customer experience. Through IGS’ AVM Cloud Services, customers are able to harness the value of data while achieving greater levels of productivity and differentiation,” he added.

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