Load DynamiX 4 speeds performance validation for OpenStack

Load DynamiX announced that version 4 of its software platform offers broader support for OpenStack and other emerging storage technologies. The enhanced product suite simplifies and accelerates the performance validation of today's distributed and virtualized environments deployed with any file, block or object-based cloud storage system.
Load DynamiX streamlines the workload modelling process to give storage engineers and architects a deeper insight into how their evolving storage infrastructure will perform in production.
Load DynamiX 4.0 lets users test storage infrastructure performance over a broader range of workload scenarios across block, file, and object-based cloud storage systems.
Understanding the I/O profile and modelling of applications is one of the most challenging and complex tasks in the life of a storage engineer. With the release of the Composite Workload Editor facility in Load DynamiX Enterprise, the creation of multi-threaded I/O patterns -- across multi-tiered storage infrastructure and access protocols -- is simplified and accelerated. With the Composite Workload Editor multiple workloads can be run simultaneously, representing different parts of an enterprise application or different virtualized applications. Storage engineers can now rapidly create more realistic workloads that better represent application-specific scenarios.
"Until Load DynamiX, storage architects and engineers could only rely on freeware and time-consuming in-house scripting to understand the performance impact of new storage technologies," said Tim Van Ash, VP, product management, Load DynamiX.
"Load DynamiX is squarely focused on the needs of storage engineers and architects," said George Crump, Chief steward and founder, Storage Switzerland. "With their impressive insight into storage system behaviour, they are rapidly becoming the key enabler to the intelligent adoption of next generation storage deployments for Global 2000 IT organizations across file, block and now object storage."

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