Kroll Ontrack Remote Data Recovery service cuts recovery process time

Data recovery specialist, Kroll Ontrack announced the availability of a new version of its Ontrack Remote Data Recovery (RDR) software. RDR is a patented, proprietary service that provides a fast and secure solution for data loss situations. Utilizing the new version of RDR, Ontrack Data Recovery (ODR) engineers can work more efficiently on a specific data loss problem, saving time during the data recovery process.
With the Ontrack RDR software solution, data recovery can be performed without a hard disk or other storage device leaving an enterprise’s data center. A secure remote internet connection is established between the customer and Kroll Ontrack allowing ODR engineers to recover from media at the customer’s site with proprietary data recovery tools. ODR engineers gain full access to individual disks, RAID systems, virtual machines, and SANs or LUNs remotely. No need to ship to a Kroll Ontrack data recovery lab is eliminated. ODR specialists can also pool from its global network of engineers when performing a remote job to maximize resources and knowledge sharing to successfully complete the job. 
The new version makes installation of the software easier, as all necessary Windows system drivers required for installation are included in the provided setup package and the machine no longer needs to be rebooted post installation. During the installation process, the Ontrack RDR software detects all required connection settings automatically, without the need to set the IP Address, DNA server name or HTTP switch manually.

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