IBM to Terminate Its First Cloud Object Storage Service in 30 Days

Note This Artcile has been updated on 7th Aug 2017 - incorporating feedback directly from IBM.

Barely 2 years after it was first launched back in December 2015, IBM has announced that it will be discontinuing its first cloud object storage service, Bluemix Object Store v1.

At the time of writing IBM had not released an official statement or explanation regarding the termination of service, however we have now received more details which helps give more insight to this decision.

DSA reached out to IBM and their communications team explained the following to us:

"IBM is not exiting the Object Storage business.

This transition applies only to the Swift implementation of Object Storage for IBM Spark as a Service users and does not impact our other platform, known as IBM Cloud Object Storage.

The Swift-based Object Storage was created in early 2015 as a tech preview, otherwise known as version 1. After the tech preview, it went through a beta phase, and then was released for general availability as version 3, which includes an enhanced authentication model, user interface and self-provisioning improvements for a better user experience. The majority of our customers have already migrated to version 3 during this time, and that version is available for use. 

For customers needing additional time to migrate their data, we’ve provided an option to create a service ticket request to ensure there is no disruption in their operations.

Object storage continues to be a critical and strategic storage service, and it is foundational to the IBM Cloud. IBM is currently making and will continue to make investments in this area and continues to support its customers globally"

DSA viewpoint is as follows: IBM are clearly commited to their Object Storage offerings. Whilst the version 1 termination is not ideal and not likely the real plan at launch, the impact is limited and IBM have worked hard to provide a simple and supported migration path to a better version of the technology. This is posiitve and anyone working investing in a version 1 product will expect some changes and adaptation as the product matures.

The rest of our original article unedited continues from here:

IBM’s Rohan Vaidyanathan has gone on record to shed some light on the matter. He said, “The core of this experience is our ability to fully leverage IBM’s Object Storage service, a foundational element of the IBM Cloud. IBM has delivered many improvements to this capability in the past year and our latest release will make the delivery of these improvements easier for our users.  To that end, we are going to complete the end-of-life for the IBM Swift-based Object Storage “tech preview connector” still in use by some IBM Spark Service users and replace it with a better user experience.”

Unfortunately, existing customers who are still on the soon-to-be-scrapped v1 server have less than a month to move their data and applications, after which all existing instances will be deleted. According to Rohan, “We will now be deleting all existing instances after 30 days i.e. on August 24, 2017. We recommend users to unprovision the Object Storage v1 service and switching to v3, before August 24, 2017.”

This won’t be the first time IBM has decided to shut down one of its fringe services on short notice. Back in May, IBM announced the retirement of their Active Deploy Beta Service, giving customers 60 days to transition to an updated version of the service.

We expect that the termination of Bluemix v1 won’t have far-reaching implications and transitioning to their latest Object Storage service should be a simple process, albeit a minor inconvenience, for the customers involved. Nevertheless, it ought to serve as a warning and reminder to all.

As beneficial as the cloud can be, in instances like these, customers – consumers and businesses alike – are at the mercy of the cloud providers. Should your cloud provider decide to pull a “here today, gone tomorrow” sort of service termination, is your business prepared to deal with the aftermath?

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