HGST beats Seagate with launch of enterprise 10TB HDD

HGST claims it has one up arch rival Seagate with the release of the world’s first enterprise 10TB HDD for next-generation active archive applications. The host-managed Ultrastar Archive Ha10 SMR HDD combines HGST’s second generation HelioSeal platform and shingled magnetic recording (SMR) to achieve the storage density and power efficiency enterprises are clamouring for. The sequential write behaviour of host-managed SMR complements active archive workloads. HGST claims that many hyperscale cloud providers are discovering that most of their active archive applications are already sequential, creating the ideal environment for SMR HDDs to thrive.
HGST says the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 gives customers a time-to-market capacity advantage for archival environments and applications where data is sequentially written and randomly read, such as social media, cloud storage, online backup, life sciences as well as media and entertainment.
HGST recognizes SMR as core technology necessary in driving areal density increases. By overlapping or 'shingling' the data tracks on top of each other, higher areal density can be achieved within the same physical footprint. Based on feedback from customers whose data centre environments demand predictable performance and control of how data is handled, HGST has implemented a host-managed SMR solution.

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