Evaluator says Dot Hill AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series built for Exchange Storage

Russ Fellows, senior partner at Evaluator Group said that "Dot Hill's AssuredSAN Pro 5000 has a number of capabilities that are designed to enhance business operations in mid-sized enterprises. “The RealPool and RealThin features can help address administration time spent setting up and allocating storage capacity. Reducing administration overhead is also a direct result of Dot Hill's RealTier, eliminating the need to move data to optimize performance."

Fellows said that the Dot Hill AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series' pricing model, which includes RealStor software at a single price point regardless of the capacity or configurations, contributes to a low and declining total cost of ownership (TCO) as the capacity increases. He noted that a system running multiple applications will see performance improvements through the use of real-time tiering, thin provisioning and fast rebuilds.

In the Evaluator Group Technology Insight Paper, "Storage for Virtualized Workloads," Fellows characterized the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series as part of a new class of storage systems designed specifically to support applications running on virtual servers.

To achieve business efficiency and performance objectives, many of the most critical storage features must be designed into systems, not added as an afterthought to decade-old designs, says Fellows. Dot Hill's Pro 5000 systems are designed for virtualization, with wide striping, pooling and fast healing designed in. The addition of critical VMware API's for Array Integration (VAAI) and Site Recovery Adapter (SRA) capabilities enable IT generalists to efficiently support requisite system performance and reliability.

In the Evaluator Group Technology Insight Paper, "Exchange Storage — Meeting Requirements with Dot Hill," Randy Kerns, senior strategist, noted that Microsoft has made significant changes with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to reduce I/O overhead. Even with the changes to reduce I/O overhead, Exchange is sensitive to disk latencies for mailbox access, which necessitates the selection of storage systems that can minimize response times.

"Dot Hill offers storage systems with the advanced capabilities needed to address evolving Microsoft Exchange environments. By automating tasks for managing storage and adapting to changing workloads, Dot Hill storage can simplify the administrative effort to meet the storage needs for Exchange," said Kerns. "The ability to adapt to changing workloads to meet increasing numbers of email users and the varying needs of server virtualization is one of the most important characteristics of Dot Hill AssuredSAN systems. The automation designed into the AssuredSAN system to measure data usage and move data to the most responsive location in real‐time removes the detailed monitoring and management usually required to optimize the storage environment."

The AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series with RealStor software takes tiered storage to a new level — beyond competitors' automated batch migration, and into a new era of autonomic, real-time data tiering. With RealStor, businesses gain the advantage of very high performance SSDs, using them to their maximum benefit, while storing less frequently accessed data on slower, but much less expensive, hard disk drives. Designed for the midrange market, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series is a high-performance, highly available, fully integrated storage solution that delivers consistently faster access to current data with built-in, real-time, autonomic tiered storage and virtualization.

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