CommVault automates data protection for Amazon Web Services

Analysts predict that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will reach US$8 billion with a stand-alone valuation of US$50 billion by 2015. Already AWS is already significantly larger than cloud computing vendor Rackspace , itself estimated to have clawed US$1.5 billion in revenue in 2013 and grow approximately 17 percent in 2014.
With that much money, it’s no wonder that CommVault says it has added data management and protection support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that includes robust cloud reporting as well as self-service virtual machine provisioning, recovery and resource management with snapshot-based data protection.
CommVault has also introduced automated virtual machine (VM) provisioning and lifecycle management for workloads running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).
According to CommVault chief operating officer, Al Bunte, the company’s automation and optimization features for AWS allow customers, resellers and service providers to further take advantage of the flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go AWS Cloud to reduce their costs, complexity and risks.
CommVault Simpana software allows customers and provider partners to unify data protection operations including backup, archive, and disaster recovery (DR) of workloads on AWS. With support for Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, users can seamlessly migrate data into AWS storage solutions with just a few clicks. Built-in tiering capabilities also allow users to automate data management and retention with AWS, based on pre-defined customizable policies. These solutions enable customers and provider partners to spend less time provisioning capacity and refreshing hardware products, and more time focusing on strategic projects that bring value to their businesses. 

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