Catalyst Express finds insight in unstructured user data

For organizations dependent on Microsoft Active Directory, Index Engines announced it is making available Catalyst Express software downloadable at no-cost. The software provides full content and metadata indexing of up to 5TB of storage containing unstructured user data. It does so by creating deep metadata and full-text searchable indexes on documents and emails stored on the file server.
Catalyst Express is integrated with Active Directory, and includes customizable summary reports, dashboards, scheduled system monitoring and workflow automation, plus support for data migration and deletion with defensible audit trails.
"Most organizations don't know what they have, if it has value, if it's stored in the correct place, if it poses a risk or liability or if it's employee vacation photos and music libraries," said Jim McGann, VP, Index Engines. "Catalyst will give them this insight into their data and help them determine and execute data policies."
So what’s the catch?
Catalyst Express is an entry-point solution for users to try out the Catalyst platform. Catalyst says its platform can scale to large global enterprise data centre environments consisting of petabytes of unstructured data. So for organizations that like what Express can do for them, they can then opt in and pay for the enterprise version.
Fair enough?

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