Your Office in the Cloud Still Needs to be Protected

There aren’t many industries that have not been affected by the cloud wave. Eventually the time will come where there won’t be an industry or business unaffected by the opportunities offered through cloud services. From IoT, to Artificial Intelligence, to software and even storage, cloud capabilities hold one of the greatest innovations of our time.

However, we have learnt through experience that security on the cloud isn’t what it should be. Hackers and cybercriminals have been rampant and doing as they please simply because the knowledge to protect the cloud was not available. Businesses that do not have proper protection in place to withstand these security threats becomes easy targets to attacks and malware.

Veeam with Microsoft Office 365 
The challenge, prompted by digital transformation, was to improve the protection for businesses to adopt software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. International Data Corporation (IDC) says that 70% of businesses have a cloud-first deployment strategy. However without the proper protection, this approach would be a detrimental to the business.

The Veeam approach includes:
▪ Simple setup with no changes to existing processes 
▪ Near-error-free operation 
▪ Faster mailbox and message recovery 
▪ Periodic maintenance reduced from one to two hours per week to zero

The Digital Transformation Entry Point
Most organisations want to make the transition to cloud simply because it smoothens out their digital transformation approach, and eventually being data centric and more efficient with their time and money. Yet to make that transition, they would need the proper expertise that can help protect their information on the cloud.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 provides exactly that as well as proper contingency for when Office 365 is not accessible. Our Veeam clients– that range from nine months to a year utilising the software with the number of mailboxes managed varying from several hundred to several thousand – said that Veeam was easy to implement, while data backup and restore were simpler and faster. This acts as an extra layer of ‘insurance‘ for the clients without additional hassle, leading to increased efficiency in staff utilisation. 

Being a mission-critical application, IT managers have learnt that Office 365 is too important to leave to the default data protection on cloud – that has failed numerous times – to protect company data and offer the proper backup solutions. For these needs, Veeam offers the datacentres and the IT teams the necessary protection to embrace the digital transformation era without having fears of losing at the hands of ignorance.

For more information please click here to download Veeam + Microsoft Combine to Offer Rapid Time to Value for Cloud Data Protection White Paper

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