Veeam and NetApp All Flash FAS Accelerated Application Recovery

Unplanned downtime can be the bane of existence for any IT professional. In today’s fiercely competitive digital economy, application downtime is simply not an option. But when the unexpected happens, you need a simple and cost-effective way of getting critical applications and data back online fast.

Say for example, company A is running a ride-sharing business and the main database managing their service suffers a catastrophic outage at the peak of rush hour.  Imagine the number of customers they would lose if they didn’t have the ability to rapidly recover their app. It’s not only the loss of revenue, but it’s the hit to their credibility and the loss of confidence and trust from their customers, drivers and business partners. In short, the losses would be incalculable.  

On the other hand, if our fictitious business was using NetApp Snapshot copies in conjunction with the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, they could recover their ride-sharing service to their customers in just a few minutes.


By using Veeam Instant VM Recovery from Storage Snapshots to restore VMs directly from a NetApp Snapshot copy.

In other words, perform the recovery very quickly directly from ultra-fast primary storage, like NetApp All-Flash FAS, as opposed to performing a restore from a potentially much slower backup storage repository (like tape). The difference is minutes vs hours, and even days, in some cases.      

But the integration goodness between Veeam and NetApp doesn’t end there.

In addition to enhancing application service levels, simplifying IT and reducing costs, IT organisations will also accelerate business innovation and increase ROI by leveraging Veeam’s direct integration with NetApp Snapshot Copies to spin up on-demand Veeam DataLab environments to obtain the following business benefits:

  • Accelerated application development and testing to improve time-to-market

  • Fast DR testing to meet corporate data governance and compliance

  • Data analytics for enhanced business intelligence

Don’t be left by the side of the road on your digital transformation journey. Hop on the Veeam and NetApp Data Fabric express and put your business into over-drive!

If you wish to know more about the NetApp-Veeam solution, click here.

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