Plugging the Gaps in Remote Access to Your Network

Today’s nonstop corporate environment means employees require hassle-free but secure remote access to their company’s network from anywhere and at any time, while minimizing wait times. Businesses need a solution that makes remote connectivity experience secure, fast, and seamless so employees aren’t left in the lurch when they need critical information.

The benefits of remote access to the company are numerous, however it can also expose the company to numerous new threats. It is important that the company is aware of the limitations to what the technology can achieve and at the same time identify and respond to threats in security gaps that may exist.

Mobile employees on laptops or smartphones are always a target for cyber crime. However, having an always protected, optimal end-user experience while enabling IT administrators to deliver comprehensive policy enforcement with a broad support of network access protocols would help plug the potential loss of information. The company needs to find a solution that offers flexibility in endpoint access, granular policy controls and reliable, secure connectivity.

To keep out malicious files and direct hacking attempts, all company provided hardware as well as employee-owned computers should be equipped with the installation of antivirus and firewall. Restrict the administrator rights for remote users to prevent the installation of unauthorised software, thus reducing the risk of a virus, worm, Trojan or malware infection. In order to further boost your network security, consider adopting two-factor authentication for remote access through VPN.

The network should also provide secure mobile access with the ability to enforce context-aware security policies while automatically roaming between networks (IPv4 and IPv6) to stay connected and with a full layer 3 network access to all your enterprise applications and files.

There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution to having the right remote access in every business, however Cisco AnyConnect Solutions have the experience and understanding of the platform as well as the ability to adapt to the needs of the client. They fully understand how to address those gaps in remote access networks and will be able to assist the business solve those issues.

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