NetApp Well Positioned in the Indonesian Race to Flash

Indonesia is a vast and diverse, rapidly developing country and economy. Unsurprisingly Indonesia’s IT landscape reflects this rapid development. Companies are hungry to join the data-driven age and the requirements for data-driven business are becoming stronger in Indonesia than arguably any other emerging nation.

The country is expected to be the world’s 10th largest economy by 2025 and Indonesia’s enterprise services market is expected to be worth $3 billion by 2019, largely due to data-driven transformation.

Applications that utilise large amounts of storage are starting to find a home among Indonesian companies.  Big data applications like Splunk, Hadoop and NoSQL are starting to be adopted, and the structured database market continues to be high growth for companies like Oracle and Microsoft. Other applications such as VDI are expected to see enormous growth in Indonesia with central bodies offering computing services to rural locations.

As this demand for data-driven IT increases, a new challenge presents itself. It is no longer enough just to store this large-amount of data, it needs to be managed, processed and analysed at speed. At the same time the cost per GB of buying and running storage needs to come down. The answer to this dilemma comes in the form of Flash Storage Arrays. They provide speed and performance, economies of scale, reliability and reduce power consumption and hence power bills.

However, not all flash is created equal and with the use cases being so diverse in Indonesia, it’s important to have a storage partner that can provide a breadth of choices and make an objective recommendation that is tailored to suit an organisation's specific requirements.

There are many vendors offering all flash arrays. NetApp certainly regarded as a leader in this space and the most recent Gartner magic quadrant confirms that, but they’re also unique in having the broadest range of all Flash arrays available in the market today.

Starting with the All Flash FAS (AFF) A series, perfect for consolidation, virtualisation and cloud adoption, with the latest one being All Flash FAS (AFF) A700s array that delivers breakthrough performance in a compact form factor to modernise IT for demanding enterprise applications, analytic workloads and cloud integration, moving to the EF Series Flash arrays where blistering application performance is required, through to AFF8000 which combines the benefits of Flash with incredible data management to incorporate flash into a hybrid cloud strategy.

Then at the top of the scale is NetApp’s SolidFire range, developed for building scale-out data centers and guaranteeing the quality of service even in multi-tenanted IT environments.

When it comes to offerings, no other vendor has this range and choice. For a nation like Indonesia with its huge diversity, NetApp is arguably the perfect Flash vendor to help Indonesian companies on their Flash Journey and working with NetApp will mean they get the right product for their needs.

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