Low Risk For Small Business

Low Risk For Small Business - Hybrid Data backup strategy by James Forbes May, Vice President of APAC Sales, Barracuda Networks  

In my last article we talked about the cost of running cloud services directly, and we told you about on premise appliance. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the pros and cons for running direct to cloud, and how a hybrid strategy with an appliance approach may be a better option.

In the market there are plenty of backup solutions. Taking tape for example – not only are they bulky, you also have to constantly schedule a downtime for backups. Sometimes, it’s just not viable for a business to take their servers offline for a significant amount of time.

Right, so you’ve made the decision to use cloud services, and you want to backup a specific system or software or application…… except you can’t on many public cloud platforms.
Besides that, many business applications that allows user sharing will be difficult to manage. In a nutshell, it is very difficult to backup applications on a purely cloud platform.

Recently, one of the AWS availability zones in Australia went down, and many businesses were affected. This is not exclusive to AWS though. Many cloud services will experience similar problems – especially in unpredictable weather conditions that affect our region. Imagine you need some data urgently – but you cannot access your cloud. That would be very problematic.

Using a hybrid model, that’s one worry off your mind. The benefits of having an on-premise appliance means your latest data will be backed up locally before being sent to the cloud. If you need to retrieve something quickly, it’s not a problem, since your latest data is stored on site, before making its way to the cloud.

Instead of relying on a software running on a cloud in a datacentre somewhere, you know you have your files on site and you can access it in an emergency.
With Barracuda, we put everything in a box for you. Literally.

It’s easy configuration, with simple and intuitive setup, no specialist IT gurus required. We allow you to have your cake and eat it – so you get the enterprise grade backup, no need for an enterprise grade IT department and we still enable the benefits of cloud all in a single solution.

But don’t just take my word for it. Barracuda has been ranked number one by IDC in Integrated Purpose-Built Backup Appliance units shipped for the 13th consecutive quarter with 40.7 percent market share for C1Q15.

The hybrid data backup strategy, is by giving you an on premise appliance and your own cloud. Your data will automatically be backed up to the appliance, while your older data based on policies you set is transferred to the cloud. This allows for quick access to your most recent data, and your archived data are safe in Barracuda cloud.  It is worth remembering estimates show as much as 95% of all data recovered is from your most recent backups.

I’ve always believed that data is paramount for businesses today, no matter the size. The risk of losing any data could lead to the loss of business. Barracuda is determined to prevent that by ensuring your data is safe, giving you a peace of mind. 

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