Just The Right Solutions With Just Right IT

Small and mid-sized businesses today have the advantage of being able to leverage the progression of technology to compete on an even playing field with larger corporations. But the problem is that SMBs possess limited resources while the sheer amount of technological choices that are available out there can be quite overwhelming and hard to keep up with. Making the right IT decisions is absolutely essential and have the potential to make or break the company’s success.

To get the most out of their investments, SMBs need to employ the right-sized, right-priced solutions that are tailored to suit their specific needs while increasing their competitive edge. With the right IT solutions, companies that are just starting out, building momentum or expanding are able to meet their specific business goals, be it to increase productivity, improve customer experience, reduce costs, take the hassle and complexity out of IT or to just keep the business running.

But to achieve the right solutions, it’s important for companies to partner with a proven IT expert that has the depth of experience, a comprehensive range of products and services, will take all necessary measures to understand their business needs and is committed to their success.

To give a brief example of the different needs of companies that are at different stages of development, businesses that are starting out may require basic IT solutions that can help them to get up and running while supporting essential business functions such as email, file, print, networking access, and backup. On the other hand, established businesses that are expanding may be looking into products and services that can accommodate their growing technology demands such as business processing, data warehousing, data security, and decision support. Thus, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

With that in mind, Hewlett Packard Enterprise came up with the Just Right IT program that will allow SMBs to benefit from HPE’s expertise in digitisation. HPE Just Right IT solutions offer the right-sized server, storage and network solutions as well as services to cater for small and midsize businesses — designed with the IT generalist in mind. With Just Right IT, HPE aims to help businesses transform and grow at a much faster pace, even on a limited budget by keeping the solutions simple, reliable and affordable.

Once companies have laid the right foundation and their technological needs are met, they can stay focused on driving the business forward and maximising customer satisfaction.

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