FalconStor Leverages Rich Enterprise Storage Heritage to Address the Requirements of Hybrid Cloud Environments

Technology needs refreshing every 3 years – well, that’s the generic rule of the industry anyway. In enterprises, technology is moving at such a fast pace that your hardware and software could be phased out and replaced with better alternatives within a few years.
The thing is, most businesses aren’t just around for a few years – a mission-critical application could have been running or will continue to run for decades. Most of, or even all of Your key operations are probably built on legacy systems.
In recent years, there has been an uptake in newer technological offerings. Flash infrastructure, converged, hyperconverged infrastructures, virtualisation platforms, are all some of the “hot new darlings” if you listen to all the marketing of these products.
Sure, these new options are very alluring and certainly bring greater value to your business operations. In fact if you adopted these technologies you’d be sure to see improvements in your operations -  whether speed, performance, flexibility, agility – these new technology brings many benefits to your business.
Of course there’s a catch – your legacy applications are not running on those platforms. So you’d need to do some risky migration. Either that or just put newer workloads there until you no longer need to use the older workload. Either way it’s risky, time consuming and all round not very effective for all intents and purposes. Even if the migration goes successfully, it’s very likely that you may still need to maintain some of the legacy applications on the legacy systems. It brings the worst nightmare to the IT, - a fragmented, complicated infrastructure formed by different pieces that can’t manage, integrate, interoperate or communicate with each other. We call them “siloed infrastructures”.   
Software defined storage disregards your underlying infrastructure. What SDS is interested is that you have the bare metal, and you have a management for all your workload. You can rely on the best hardware out there without worrying about compatibility issues for your applications and workloads. For many companies looking to adopt hybrid approaches to storage, this is the ideal way to manage all of your workloads and applications.
IDC wrote a very comprehensive report on FalconStor, one of the very prominent names in SDS. Click to download below.

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